Boiling in the Blue Lagoon

One of the easiest things to see and enjoy when in Reykjavík is the Blue Lagoon, situated just a half hour drive west of the Icelandic capital. It is a very impressive attraction and reminds us all why Iceland is so beautiful!

Photo: Guide to Iceland

This geothermal spa is one of the most visited attractions in Iceland, and even better, in the dead of winter (or on a particularly chilly day), no one will say no to escaping the freezing elements by soaking in some warm geothermal waters! Soaking in the milky blue waters is a wonderful way to de-stress and say goodbye to any worries you may have, all while keeping you warm in the intrepid Icelandic weather and doing wonders for your skin!

Upon arrival in Iceland, your hotel or hostel can arrange a trip to the Blue Lagoon, and bookings can be made with them. When you get to the Blue Lagoon, you will need to show your confirmation ticket at the counter, and you’ll receive a wristband that allows access to all of the facilities, including a locker (handy if you’ve come directly from the airport!), and will also be used for any purchases you make during your time there.

Before you enter the lagoon, you will need to shower naked to make sure you are clean. This freaks a lot of people out but there are private showers for any self-conscious people out there. When you’re clean and ready to go, put on your Speedos or swimsuit and enjoy the warm water! The lagoon is spread out with enough room for everyone (especially now that they began limiting the number of people using it at once), and be sure to explore the different parts – including the funky swim up bar!


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