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As you can see, this page is currently being updated and improved. When completed, I intend this Site Index to be a helpful navigational tool in finding your way around my blog and to find some posts that you may like.

Cultural Experience – being immersed in local culture is one of the main joys I get when I’m abroad

Journey Planner – simple plans to help you to get from A to B on some of the more popular travel journeys

Adventure Tourism – some of the more adventurous things you can do when travelling

Animal Encounters – I occasionally bump into wild animals when I am travelling

Idiot’s Guide – are you an idiot like me? These step-by-step guides should help us out!

City Guide – an overview of every city I have visited, with tips and hints galore!

Ancient Ruins – one of my favourite things to see when travelling is old temples and ruins. I’ve seen quite a few now!

Beautiful Places – some places I see just stay with me forever, in more ways than one

Street Food – I love to eat when travelling, and what better way to sample local cuisine than with street food!


Spain – Barcelona – Seville – Spanish Food

United Kingdom – London – British Food

TurkeyIstanbul – Turkish Food

Italy – Rome – VeniceItalian Food

Norway – Oslo – Western Fjords

The Middle-East:


Jordan – Aqaba and Beyond

United Arab EmiratesAbu Dhabi – Dubai

EgyptCairo – Luxor

Arabic Food

The Indian Sub-Continent:


India – Delhi – Agra – Jaipur – Mumbai – Indian Food

Sri LankaColombo – SigiriyaKandy and Beyond


Ethiopia – Addis Ababa – Bahir Dar and Beyond

Morocco – Marrakech

African Food

South East Asia:

MyanmarYangonBaganMandalayBurmese Food

ThailandBangkokChiang MaiKrabiThai Food

CambodiaSiem ReapPhnom PenhCambodian Food

LaosLuang PrabangVientiane

VietnamHanoi – Da Nang – Hue – Hoi An – SaigonVietnamese Food

Brunei Darussalam

MalaysiaKuala LumpurPenangLangkawiKota KinabaluMalaysian Food

SingaporeSingaporean Food

PhilippinesManilaBoracayFilipino Food

IndonesiaSumatraJavaSulawesiNusa TenggaraBaliIndonesian Food

The Pacific:

AustraliaSydney – Cairns

The Far East:

TaiwanTaipeiTaiwanese Food

JapanTokyoFuji Five Lakes regionKyotoOsakaJapanese Food

South Korea – SeoulKorean Food

Hong Kong

ChinaShanghaiXi’anBeijingTibet – Lijiang – Guangzhou – Chinese Food

North America:

United States of AmericaNew York City – San Francisco – American Food

Mexico – Mexico City – Yucatan Peninsula – Mexican Food

South America:

Brazil – Rio de Janeiro


Argentina – Buenos Aires


9 thoughts on “Site Index

  1. I agree with shantiepc!! Thanks so much for this great travel resource!! I’m always looking for tips on where to go and what to see. Happy new year! 🙂


  2. You have beautiful photographs. I would like to make contact with you to see if we could use one of your photos in a new book on historic preservation. You can contact me through my web site.


  3. Hi. Thanks for your information and work here. You are having some brilliant times. I am in the process of trying to start a blog and yours is a model I can get on with….Look forward to your next posts.


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