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¡Bienvenido! স্বাগতম! Selamat Datang! 您好! Tervetuloa! こんにちは! Добро пожаловать!  안녕하세요! สวัสดี! Hoşgeldiniz! Saluti! नमस्कार! مرحبا hujambo! გამარჯობა! Herzlich Willkommen! Welcome to my blog!

So, who exactly is Backpacker Lee?

I have a long history of backpacking solo in South East Asia, India, and the Far East. I have also spent time backpacking solo through Uganda, Ethiopia, and Madagascar – so you could say I’ve been around a bit! As far as my online antics are concerned, I am merely an amateur, non-earning travel blogger – but I enjoy what I do. I hope you will find some of my articles interesting!

To which countries do I want to visit?

Aside from my absolute favourite country, Singapore, I have probably spent the most time in Indonesia or China. For an almost comprehensive page of all my articles on this blog, please check out The Site Index!

When I go back to China, I’d like to visit Hangzhou, as well as see the ‘floating mountains’ at Zhangjiajie National Scenic Area in Hunan Province. In Australia, I really need to go back to experience Queensland and go trekking through the Daintree Rainforest, and try snorkelling amidst the Great Barrier Reef – and who knows, maybe even go cage diving with Great Whites! And I have never, ever been to Chile, which is a big omission from my list thus far!

So what else interests me apart from travelling?

I am very much interested in aviation, learning languages, and I am becoming a bit of a foodie! Now I am beginning to travel to experience the delightful local cuisines, as well as the local cultures! Not one country passes me by where I do not experiment with some delicacy or another, although obviously not everything tickles my taste buds! There are some foods I will not eat even if you paid me! Regarding my languages, I am conversational in Spanish, German, Russian, Turkish, Indonesian, Chinese (Mandarin), and Korean, while also currently learning Burmese, and Hindi!

A typical sight in Doha

Thank you once again for reading! I hope you will find some parts of my blog interesting and informative. For more information about me, please check out The Interview!

205 thoughts on “About Backpacker Lee

  1. Hi Lee! Love your blog and photos! Thank you for following mine, I’m glad it led me to yours. Looking forward to more travel adventure and tips 😀 – Faye


  2. Hey just found your site after 3 months of travelling southeast asia and wish I would have found it earlier. I am looking for some advice as we have just over 1 month left and will be flying from KL to Bali. I dont love the over touristy vibe the bali is known for but its a cheap flight. I am looking at trying to get over to flores and then head back to bali for my flight back to KL (hope this makes sense). I am wondering if you think Im biting off more than I can chew and should just stick to Bali and Lombok or if you think I could hit Flores to Lombok to Bali and if so what you’d try to see and how to do it. Thanks!!!


    1. Hi Keith! 🙂 My advice would be to skip Lombok and go to Komodo instead. I have a post on how to get from Bali to Komodo, so that should help you. Lombok is slightly more upmarket than a lot of Bali, but ultimately not much to do there apart from lay on the beach. Komodo, Flores, Rinca islands have a lot of tourist attractions.


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  4. hi,. you have a great blog. I took the bus from kandy to sigiraya certainly an experience I wont forget.

    I was wondering about your blog, which wordpress theme do you use? I have a wordpress.com blog about online learning that I am building and would like to use the same / similar design you have

    any help would be great




  5. your trip to Bagan really inspires me and of course full with true facts to be aware of. I will look more into details, then i will make my solo to Bagan too. Thank you for info, really a big help!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Hello Backpacker Lee,

    Hope you are doing good!

    I am planning a backpacking trip to Sri Lanka, and had questions with regards to the food, transportation, entrance fees and so on within Sri Lanka.

    I was wondering if there is any way I can reach you on your email?


  7. hi lee!
    i’m planning to go to bagan in oct. thanks so much for the tips. kl-yangon trip is cheap if i book now but i’m considering mandalay-bagan route as you have suggested. more thoughts about this please?🤔 thanks!


    1. Hi Wayne. If you don’t fancy visiting Yangon then Mandalay straight from KL could be a good option, although the transport from Mandalay to Bagan is a little more problematic than if you were getting to Bagan from Yangon.


  8. Hey Lee, I found your blog trying to find which ME4 airline is the best. You have great posts. Flew only w/ TK, in fact I flew with them DUB-IST-KRT-IST-DUB and I returned today.


  9. Dear Lee,

    I have just came across your blog and love it. I am a big fan of street food and have created a web app to enable street food vendors to have a location address. I am also thinking of doing some travelling soon. Would be great if you could share some of your locations as the food looks delicious.

    Best wishes.


  10. Hi Lee,

    I just stumbled across your page. love it! Wish I had seen it sooner! I do some travelling (when i can) and trying to take up photography as a hobby. What camera and lens do you use when taking your beautiful wide angle photos? and if you use any software to edit?



  11. Hey Man,
    Loving the blog, just came across it. My next adventure is going to be to Asia and I have already found a lot of articles here that will help me.
    Stay Beautiful


  12. Hi..
    It’d been incredible to read your blog and ofcos..adventures traveller like I wanna do as well to Get Lost for adventures..

    I’m thinking to travel Jogya soon.. anyway after I read your story about scam at Jogya about the taxi driver haha, i get more confident to get lost myself by bus like what u did also..ehrmm… just hope no one wanna take picture of me sure.. Thanks a lot dude..

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  13. Excellent blog! Seems we have some of the same interest in languages, I’m also learning Mandarin, and have attempted to learn both Hindi and Burmese, with varying degrees of success! Best of luck to you, and thanks for your posts on Laos, I’m currently based in Hanoi and am planning an upcoming trip!


  14. Long time no see, Backpacker Lee! What’re ya up to now? Have you become a vlogger? 🙂 Hope to see updates here soon.


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