About Backpacker Lee

¡Bienvenido! স্বাগতম! Selamat Datang! 您好! Tervetuloa! こんにちは! Добро пожаловать!  안녕하세요! สวัสดี! Hoşgeldiniz! Saluti! नमस्कार! مرحبا hujambo! გამარჯობა! Herzlich Willkommen! Welcome to my blog!

So, who exactly is Backpacker Lee?

I have a long history of backpacking solo in South East Asia, India, and the Far East. I have also spent time backpacking solo through Uganda, Ethiopia, and Madagascar – so you could say I’ve been around a bit! As far as my online antics are concerned, I am merely an amateur, non-earning travel blogger – but I enjoy what I do. I hope you will find some of my articles interesting!

To which countries do I want to visit?

Aside from my absolute favourite country, Singapore, I have probably spent the most time in Indonesia or China. For an almost comprehensive page of all my articles on this blog, please check out The Site Index!

When I go back to China, I’d like to visit Hangzhou, as well as see the ‘floating mountains’ at Zhangjiajie National Scenic Area in Hunan Province. In Australia, I really need to go back to experience Queensland and go trekking through the Daintree Rainforest, and try snorkelling amidst the Great Barrier Reef – and who knows, maybe even go cage diving with Great Whites! And I have never, ever been to Chile, which is a big omission from my list thus far!

So what else interests me apart from travelling?

I am very much interested in aviation, learning languages, and I am becoming a bit of a foodie! Now I am beginning to travel to experience the delightful local cuisines, as well as the local cultures! Not one country passes me by where I do not experiment with some delicacy or another, although obviously not everything tickles my taste buds! There are some foods I will not eat even if you paid me! Regarding my languages, I am conversational in Spanish, German, Russian, Turkish, Indonesian, Chinese (Mandarin), and Korean, while also currently learning Burmese, and Hindi!

A typical sight in Doha

Thank you once again for reading! I hope you will find some parts of my blog interesting and informative. For more information about me, please check out The Interview!

205 thoughts on “About Backpacker Lee

  1. After a hectic 6 months back after my backpacking experience it’s nice to stumble upon your blog again and drift me back to my fond memories. Wish I could do it all again! Keep going my friend!


  2. Hey there again! 🙂 well, you did not mention where do you come from originally. Excuse me if you had mentioned it and I missed reading it !

    Your blogs are interesting., nevertheless I would suggest you to cover Kashmir, goa, himachal Pradesh, Assam, Mumbai in India. And ofcourse Rajasthan in the west of the country if sand dunes and the palaces interest you..

    This way you cover India in all the directions and you will also see the cultural and lingual diversity which is quite amazing in India.

    Would continue loving your blogs and seeing the world with your eyes.. stay connected.



    1. Thanks for the suggestions! 😀 Have you seen my blogs on India? I have posted about Delhi and Agra, and I also have been to Jaipur before. I would love to go back to Rajasthan area, especially Ranthambore for a tiger safari, and of course Jodphur and Udaipur. Regarding Mumbai, I would love to go there one day, but first I want to visit Kolkata – that will be my next Indian city!


  3. Hey there! this blog is so full of excitement and wonders. I’ll visit more often to get more glimpses of the world out there. Excellent job and keep on traveling!


  4. Hi Lee, saw your youtube video and the link lead me here! What do you do for a living? Your life is amazing! How i wish i was you! All the traveling must have cost a bomb!


    1. Thanks for reading Ilham! 🙂 Glad you find the blog entertaining or useful! 🙂 I loved Malaysia but I didn’t explore enough of the country. Next time I am in Malaysia, I will visit Langkawi and Kota Kinabalu!


      1. Hi there, thanks for your quick reply. I have read your blog and I really love the information that you share with your readers. I would like to seek your permission in sharing some of your blog post at my new website: http://itravelnblog.com/

        This website will act as a travel blog directory for travel enthusiasts and I will categorize each blog entry. I will not re-post the entire blog entry, just a short paragraph which serves as a “teaser” together with a few photographs. At the end of this “teaser”, readers will be prompt to click the link which will direct it back to your blog entry on your blog.

        Kindly advise if you would allow such an arrangement. I will also add your name under the contributors list, with a short write-up if you don’t mind writing one.

        Feel free to contact me at followmyfootsteps9@gmail.com or via facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/FollowmyFootsteps9

        Hope to receive a positive reply from you 🙂


  5. Nice to meet with you 🙂 if you need India help, let me know. I’d add Karnataka, Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu to your travel list. So far I have almost completed my Delhi-Agra/FS-Rajasthan trip (my first trip to India)!

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  6. Hi enjoying reading up about Singapore. Going there in December for 7 days. Can”t wait. I am really looking forward to seeing the Pandas. Where is the best place to see them


      1. I’m just starting out on this backpacking thing and the thing about this is that it’s expensive. How do I get a job as an English tutor so I could live in a certain place and move to another? Can you help me out 🙂

        Also, do you earn from this blog that you can use for your travelling?



        1. If English is your first language you could try to teach English as a foreign language somewhere like Thailand or Cambodia. There is always great demand, and you can even train to do this while you are volunteering. Check out a site like this http://www.gvi.co.uk/volunteer-abroad/teaching-projects/ (you may need to save up a little before you begin doing it).

          And nope, I don’t earn money from my blog 😛 I didn’t even know it was possible…maybe that’s where you could help me 😉


  7. Alright thanks for that link I’ll save up and give up my career and try this for as long as I want to. English is not my first language but I speak English very well, will it be harder me to land a job?

    I don’t know about that part yet I’ll get to that. All I know is that you have to get advertisements and sponsors. You have a lot of posts so I guess your blog can get sponsors. You can e-mail them directly and propose how they would be promoted on your blog in exchange of goodies or cash. 😉


  8. Dear Mr. Lee Claxton
    I am an engineer who is trying to present his idea by file and animation. I need your permission to use a small section of your YouTube video for my presentation’s film at this link.

    I am planning to use this video to attractive investor or customer for my idea. Please note I am not company representative or have stablished any company.

    Your permission helps me to use small section of your video, which would not be more then few second, in my presentation’s film.

    I truly appreciated your help,


    Farzad Soudbakhsh


  9. Hi Lee,

    I have a few quick questions if you don’t mind?
    I am going on a cruise from Singapore the 26th August to Thailand (Bangkok/Pattaya and Koh Samui), Cambodia and Vietnam. I have 6 days and nights in Singapore beforehand. Could you recommend an itinerary? I want a day or two by the pool so I think I will splash out and book marina bay (I see that you like it there) but looking for a more budget friendly hotel for the rest. I was looking at sentosa island and/or going to Batam for a day or two also? Anything you could recommend would be great, also we are big foodies so if there is any must go to restaurants? Lastly any recommendations for a day in Bangkok or pattaya incl a possible overnight?

    Thanks a million and sorry for all the questions 🙂


    1. Hi there Eleanor.

      I think 2 nights at MBS would be awesome. For the rest of the time, why not check out Ibis on Bencoolen hotel, which is my “budget” hotel of choice when in Singapore. Not many cheaper hotels than that in SG if you want a window!

      As for an itinerary, if you’re spending 2 days by the pool, then that leaves 4 days. TBH, I wouldn’t bother going to Batam, just stay in SG.

      Check out this post for my top 10 things to do in Singapore: https://backpackerlee.wordpress.com/2014/01/22/the-top-10-attractions-in-singapore/

      Make sure you hit up the Zoo and Night Safari on the same day (night safari doesn’t open til 6pm) to save going back to the same place twice. Definitely spend a day on Sentosa – you can swim with dolphins, go to a water park, Universal Studios, lay on the beach, have fun…it’s a brilliant playground!

      I would also recommend a visit to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve (find my post on that too if you want). It may be a bit strenuous walking up to SG’s highest point, but it’s a great experience.

      As for restaurants, well you should check out https://backpackerlee.wordpress.com/2014/02/17/the-best-fast-food-in-singapore/ for some ideas of casual dining and fast food, but I am not a fan of fancy restaurants. However, you must try some chilli crab at Boat Quay beside the river.

      In Bangkok, it’s all about temples and the Grand Palace, as well as some street food and shopping. Maybe a river cruise down the Chao Phraya!

      Have fun! 😀


      1. Thanks Lee for the detailed reply 🙂 I have looked at the Ibis on Bencoolen and I am considering either that or the Parkroyal on beach road (it has a pool :)) do you know anything about that hotel? I read those two links and everything looks great I am going to have to sit down and make a list of the must sees! Thanks for your help!


  10. I’ve just discovered your blog, thanks to a link on youtube (Emirates Airlines flight to Hong Kong. I will start reading your entries little by little. It is so cool to have a travelling blog and get to tell the world about your experiences. I currently work and live in Mexico City. As i read, one of your plans is to visit Mexico, and I think you will enjoy it so much. Despite the fact there’s a bit of insecurity problems, touristic areas are still safe when staying in safe and known areas.


    1. Hi Chris, thanks for stopping by, and I hope you find something that interests you here in my humble little blog 🙂 Thanks also the tips and reassurance about Mexico. I am planning to hit up Mexico City and Teotihuacan, as well as then flying to Yucatan Peninsula for the Mayan ruins like Uxmal, Tulum, and Chichen Itza! I can’t wait! 😀


      1. You will certainly enjoy Mexico City. The downtown area and the museums are the best part. If you like big emotions make sure you sit on your left side when flying on the plane, the aproximation route takes you over one of the biggest cities in the world. At a certain point the plane makes a steep turn to the left to align with the landing strip, and you can see a great, sometimes scary sight, of the dwellings under the route. You cannot miss it! There are videos available on youtube, so you can get the idea.
        The area of Cancun is an international destination. Big carriers get there. I recently found out that Air France has a flight to the airport using a nice A380. What a nice way to fly from Europe to that part of Mexico. You cannot miss Isla Mujeres (Island of Women would be the translation), it is a place of natural beauty and I think you can go scuba-diving. It is also a great place to see cruise ships. Back to the area close to Cancun, you can visit the archaeologic Maya zones, and there are also famous areas where you can go and snorkel at the Cenotes (big pools of natural waters or rivers with lots of sea life to enjoy).
        In the area of Yucatán, a must-see is the capital of the state: Mérida. Most of the houses and buildings are white, so it stands out as one of the most beautiful cities in the country. The food over there is also something you cannot skip!
        Let me know what other details you need to plan your trip, I’ll be glad to help.
        I am a language teacher as well, unfortunately wages here are far to be an option to travel first class…. but I manage to do touristic plans in nearby cities, or downtown.


  11. Hi Backpacker Lee, stumbled upon your beautiful blog and articles. I am from your favourite country Singapore and just started my very own Travel Blog – Travel Inspiration 360 last year September 2014. I am surprise because not a lot of people will relate Singapore as their favourite besides perhaps food?… LOL

    I planned to do my S.America trip this year, and saw your travel bucket and think you might be there soon. Look forward reading more of your travels and hopefully can get something to prep for my trip this year.

    Hope all is well and travel safe! 🙂


      1. Really? I should look for your PH posts then. Great choices. Bohol and Palawan are 2 of my 3 favorite islands (the other is Batanes, which you should not miss!).

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  12. Fantastic blog! I’m a children’s author writing a book about consumerism and sustainable alternatives, and I happened across your site during my photo research. Your stories and images are spectacular, and I wonder if it might be impossible to include one or two images in my book? Weird question, I know, and no, I don’t expect you to give them to me for free, but if this is interesting to you, please send me an email. Meanwhile, thanks for letting me travel vicariously through your blog!


    1. Hi Michelle! 🙂 You can use any of my photos that do not contain my face in it 😉 A small reference in your book would be fine for any other photo, no payment required. I am glad you like my blog, I hope your book goes well! 🙂


  13. Hi Backpacker Lee. I enjoyed absorbing all the vital tips when booking a flight,etc.tYour travel logs are the most complete and thorough commentary that I’ve read. The fact that you’re willing to share so others can benefit reaffirms my faith in the goodness of human spirit. Do keep us informed and entertained with your travel logs.


  14. How a recent university graduate and a part-time English teacher can afford travel the words even in first class?


  15. It is really slow day in the office today. Your blog really help make time go faster.
    I love love love all the pictures, stories, description and basically everything in this blog.
    Very lucky of you to experience all this thing while still young… congratulation are in order !!
    Keep up the good work and keep on bringing more good stuff !! 🙂


  16. Hi Lee,

    I just discovered your blog while searching for information about economy class on the Emirates A380 from Munich to Dubai. I’ve flown on the aircraft 4 times before between Melbourne and Auckland but never landed in Dubai. Anyway, I just read your profile and was wondering how you manage to travel in Business and First Class so often. Could you please give me some ideas?

    Thanks mate!



    1. Hi there Timothy! 🙂 I fly a lot, but usually in economy class tbh. I do save up and treat myself to the occasional first class flight though. Some of the flights aren’t that expensive (for first class standards), so as a fan of aviation it is money well spent for me. But most of my flights are in the cheap seats! 😛


  17. Hello Lee,

    Not related to your travels but rather about your blog itself – have you ever thought of turning this blog into professional travel blog? I think your blog has a potential of becoming professional.

    I am working full time at the moment but I am recording all the travels I have done…well I have just started thinking about turning the blog into a travel blog and it will take a very long time to finish my blog up as my blog is more of a journal.



    1. Hi there Yoko. 🙂 Thanks for commenting. I only blog amateur-style, although it would be cool to be paid for my travels one day. 😛 Good luck with your own blog – hopefully you can see all the places you want to eventually!


      1. Hello thank you for reply! Would you like to take a look at my blog? It definitely needs improvement. Just for testing, could you please follow my blog? I would like to see how my blog goes and would like to spread it to the crowd.


      2. Hello Lee, I have just started Tweeting and it’s great! I am not sure what it means by hitting about 10 followers per day since starting but I love it!

        Just curious Lee, as I know you do it all by WordPress (Free?), do you intend to interview travellers and include them on your website or have you ever been interviewed and list your website on other websites? I am considering about it. Maybe I will ask you for something on my website too.


  18. I’m interested in aviation too, I’ve also worked in aviation and I just love the planes somehow, it’s hard to explain really… though I’m not a plane-spotter or someone who likes to memorise technical data! I used to know a lot of pilots who were also plane-spotters, which I think is cute somehow. And, like you, I’m also an amateur travel bloggers. I think amateru blogs are best, because the passion is pure. The commercial ones you can spot a mile away and they’re all about self-promotion, product-promotion, etc. Happy to have come across your interesting blog, love your photos!


    1. Hi there. Thanks for reading! 🙂 Good to meet another amateur travel blogger! Good luck with yours! I just like long distance flying, and I find it cool when I’m at an airport to see aircraft landing and taking off and wondering where the destinations are!

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  19. Hello there. I just figered I’d leave you a comment on this post
    (looked like a good one to choose) to say that I have read a number
    of your articles and I’m enjoying the website Expect to see a few more comments
    from me! 🙂


  20. Hi Lee,
    Your travelogues are amazing. I came across your blog while searching for information on Yangon and Bagan. Very informative and creative blog you have here!

    By the way, why are you always visiting Singapore. Okay i am a singaporean and yes i do love my country but I would my overseas friend to keep coming to singapore after 1-2 times. I always refer them to go to Indonesia or Thailand to explore.. haha!
    Keep writing & ill keep reading 🙂

    With Love,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Rachel! Thanks for reading my blog! 🙂

      I guess I just fell in love with Singapore when I first visited a few years ago. It is nice and clean, with good food, and a great tourist infrastructure. Thailand is nice too, but a little less refined than Singapore.

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  21. Your theme is incredible! I’m basically in your exact shoes, pursuing degrees and pursuing the world outside my door. Keep it up, and if you ever want a chat, feel free. Always love picking others brains for travel and academia.

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