Top 5 Mediterranean Majesties

Despite travelling for a long time in Asia, Africa, and South America, it took me a while to fully appreciate the majesty of the Mediterranean. Now, however, I have made up for lost time and explored some of the region’s finest landmarks. Many countries lay claim to having a coastline on the Mediterranean Sea, including Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Libya, and Morocco. But which are the finest destinations in the Mediterranean? Here are my top 5!

El Djem Ampitheater in Tunisia

5. Tunisia

Highlights include the capital Tunis, with its local culture unlike no other I have experienced. Further north, beaches at Djerba.

The coastal village of Santorini in Greece

4. Greece

Highlights include: the Acropolis in Athens, a wondrous example of Greek classical architecture and history, and Santorini, a coastal town on a small island that has famous white and blue houses (and hotels) from which you can overlook the Greek sunset!

Luxor Temple

3. Egypt

Highlights include: Cairo, and its many markets (need to be seen and experienced to be believed!), and Luxor, with its many temples and mosques, which reminds me of a giant open-air museum!

Jemaa el Fna in Marrakech

2. Morocco

Highlights include: Marrakech, the capital, and all its street food and local culture, but don’t forget the Atlas Mountains and beyond that, the Sahara Desert! If beaches are you thing, then you can find them at Casablanca and Essaouira.

1. Turkey

Highlights include the Mediterranean beach resort region of Bodrum and its fancy hotel resorts, as well as Istanbul, one of my favourite cities in the world (Sultan Ahmet Mosque is still so magical!). Further afield, why not experience Pammukale and Cappadocia.



One thought on “Top 5 Mediterranean Majesties

  1. I’m always inclined to travel further but when I visited Turkey I was blown away. The Mediterranean coast is stunning, and I too think Istanbul is one of the finest cities in the world.
    Despite spending a total of 4 weeks in Morocco in yet to experience the Mediterranean coast, aside from the ferry to Gibraltar. But I hear that is beautiful and very different to the rest of the country.


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