Are all beaches in Indonesia this DISGUSTING?

Marunda Beach, not far north of Jakarta in Indonesia is regularly voted one of the worst beaches in the whole world. It has been disgusting like this for many decades, yet strangely things only seem to be getting worse, with more and more pollution and toxic waste (sewage) being pumped out to sea near the bathing areas around Marunda Beach directly from downtown Jakarta.


For such a large archipelago consisting of so many islands, Indonesia sure does have a lot of dirty beaches. I have seen first hand the overrated beaches in Bali, such as at Kuta (and most places in the south of the island), and the somewhat average beaches around the large island of Sumatra. It’s no wonder Indonesians are beginning to fly overseas for their weekend getaway!


Marunda Beach has a poor reputation in the area of North Java. Many “Jakarters” make the journey from the stuffy capital to the seaside with their families, and hope for some fun in the sun, but they will get anything but at Marunda! For a start, the entrance roads towards the beach are troublesome and unless you’ve been here before, it is actually difficult to find – which is a bit stupid seeing as it’s on the coastline. The main problems though are the dirty waters and the litter that covers the sands. Of course, the kids who play here are completely oblivious to the hazards, but parents should always exercise concern.


For such a large city that is fairly close to the coastline, Jakarta is poorly surrounded by beaches. Almost all beaches around here are dirty and unhygienic. Marunda Beach is among the worst I have ever visited – even the likes of Chowpatty Beach in Mumbai seems to have better hygiene that Marunda.

What is the dirtiest beach you have ever seen in Indonesia, or anywhere in the world for that matter?

13 thoughts on “Are all beaches in Indonesia this DISGUSTING?

  1. To be honest as an Indonesian, i am ashamed and i cannot mention any beach in Jakarta that has a clear crystal water. I still remember the last time i went to Ancol Beach to refresh my mind and all i have is a grey sea in front of my eyes.
    All of this is due to Indonesian people are not deeply educated about where to put their waste. I also doubt if our government know and educated about waste.


  2. Indeed, Jakarta has so many dirty beaches. But if you go to Thousand Islands, at about 2 hours boat riding from Jakarta, you will find many beautiful beaches -Jakarta Islands is part of Capital Special Region of Jakarta-. Its appearances are contrast to Jakarta beaches, you can do snorkeling and diving as well there.

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  3. no. unfortunately, for many of them in jakarta, yes. then again, you DON’T go for the beach when in jakarta. even if the one in Ancol area is clean. for a beach, you need to get OUT of jakarta. away from the metropolitan city.


  4. Indonesia has lot more crystal clear water beach, not all of them need extra cost for traveller like bali or lombok. Check out some beaches in special region of yogyakarta. This place got lot hidden gems of beach which not many people visit yet.


      1. Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta (also called Yogya) is a name for a province, and the capital city of the province also name Yogyakarta. Both usually called Yogya (pronounced Jogja).
        Anyway, Yogya the city is nowhere near the sea. Yogya, the province has beaches on the south side.


  5. As an Indonesian traveller; sadly- you can only define 3 types of beaches in Indonesia.
    1. The beautiful ones
    Remote, secluded- a pain to reach. It may take days and even facing dangerous situations or caught in tourist traps along the way. Will not be a comfortable trip with basic only accommodation available.
    2. The beautifully expensive ones
    Areas which are starting to have international recognition- with major expensive resorts. Be ready to spend $$$$ for comfort; these areas will probably only last a few years – without any rules, regulations and conservation practices from the government- flocks of tourists along with its trash will surely eat it up in no time.
    3. The overexploited
    As per Kuta & Sanur beaches, Anyer, etc. = trash

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