Ben Thanh Market: Street Food Paradise

Ben Thanh Street Food Market is a must-visit destination for visitors of all ages to Saigon, as they can enjoy a wonderful dining experience with diverse and tasty dishes from all three main regions of Vietnam, as well as discover the bustle and hustle of nearby city nightlife right in the heart of the city.

Located on a busy street in Saigon’s District 1, patrons can easily find a great abundance of food at their disposal at this street food market, which seems to be modelled on a hawker centre in Singapore. Ben Thanh Street Food Market brings a sense of fresh air to diners, especially to foreign travellers who wish to explore the cuisine of local people. Although the market is geared towards tourists, mainly Vietnamese food is served here – you will find no fish and chips, nor curries!

Upon arrival at Ben Thanh Street Food Market for the first time, guests may be impressed with the tables lined up outdoors, allowing you to ‘people-watch’ as you eat. However, the main part of the food court is indoors with some air-conditioning, and it is littered with red lanterns hanging from the ceiling, which gives the feeling of being in the ancient city of Hoi An. Additionally, most of the restaurants in the food court capture enormous interest of a large number of international visitors thanks to its eye-catching decorations with menus written in English, all with mouth-watering pictures that make it easier for tourists to order.

When visiting the food market, guests should try traditional Vietnamese dishes including bun ca Long Xuyen (noodle with fish), com tam la sen (Vietnamese broken rice wrapped in lotus leaf), bun mam (noodles with broth made of fermented fish), goi cuon (spring roll), chao tom (grilled shrimp mousse on a sugarcane stick) and grilled seafood, with prices starting from VND25,000 each. In addition, those who love street food delicacies of other Asian countries can experience many authentic dishes like Thai fried rice, Malaysian pancakes, Balinese coconut water, and Korean soft serve ice cream among others!

When you take into the account the steamily hot and humid weather of the Mekong Delta, it is good that visitors to Saigon can come to Ben Thanh Street Food Market and enjoy some chilled time enjoying their favourite Vietnamese snacks. The market has only been in operation a few years, but it is a great addition to Saigon’s street food scene. Nearby (on the same street) diners can enjoy live music and many bars and clubs to spend the night, but before you party the night away, it is good to build up on those carbs!.

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