Top 5 friendliest countries in Asia-Pacific

The Asia-Pacific region is one of the more popular parts of the world for backpacking, and it is during our visits to this part of the world where we are inclined to meet some very friendly people, all of whom are genuinely intrigued by our passion for travel in their countries – but which countries traditionally have friendlier locals than other countries?

5. New Zealand is known to have some very friendly residents, and this includes local indigenous Maori tribes as well as regular Kiwis in the larger cities. They say the South Island, in particular, has some amazingly friendly hosts, but my experiences in and around Auckland and Lake Taupo in the North Island was what endeared me most to New Zealanders.

4. Taiwan may not be the first country that comes to mind in the Asia-Pacific region when talking about friendly locals, but in my experiences, I have always been greeted and treated very well here. Younger Taiwanese people are especially modern and progressive and seem to embrace tourists to their country.

3. Polynesia may be a country I have visited only once, but this week-long trip was enough to leave a lasting impression on me. Polynesian hospitality is second to none, and whether you’re staying in larger cities like Tahiti and Papeete, or on the smaller barefoot islands in luxury hotels, you will thoroughly enjoy being among such a unique nation of people.

2. South Korea stands out to me as a very friendly nation of people, especially the younger generation who have little of their forebears stereotypical Korean conservativism. It is very easy to enjoy yourself in larger cities in South Korea, even as a solo traveller like me, and this is because often Koreans may invite you over for a soju or some fried chicken as they enthusiastically enquire about your touristic purpose in their country.

1. Japan must be the friendliest of all nations in the Asia-Pacific region. I have travelled pretty much everywhere in Japan at least once, and never have I encountered anybody who was NOT friendly. It seems the Japanese pride themselves on being professional and helpful to foreigners, as if it is their duty to uphold their country’s reputation. From the big cities of Tokyo and Kyoto to the snow-covered villages of Honshu, you can always expect incredible Japanese hospitality – and that makes it a great country to come back to regardless of your travel budget!

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