No turkey? No problem! What else is eaten for Christmas?

Christmas dinner is almost upon us, and for those of us who are celebrating this festivity, it is probably that we will all eat way too much turkey at mealtime. However, there are some specialities from around the world that could end up on your table – some more tasty than others!

Sarmale, Romania

Sarmale from Romania are rolls of sour cabbage that can be mixed with meats such as pork and bacon. They are great treats to have on the table to eat between meals and taste even better with some traditional Romanian wine…

Barbies down under!

Christmas BBQs in Australia are part of the tradition down under, as it is often considered too hot at that time of the year NOT to whip out the Barbie. Expect meats such as chicken, lamb, beef, and of course exotic meats such as crocodile and kangaroo!

Look at the size of these Ghanaian rice balls!

Omo Tuo from Ghana is the name for oversized rice balls that are left to drown in a delectable bowl of groundnut soup. During the festive season, expect to see this dish served up before the main course.

Portuguese Baked Cod

Baked Cod is a speciality of Portugal and in some households it is even preferred to meats. The cod can be coated in lemon and served with a variety of vegetables and sauces. It is a perfect accompaniment to a table of more traditional Christmas treats.


Lechon is a popular meal from the Philippines and is usually reserved for large celebrations and gatherings such as at Christmas. This suckling pig is spit-roasted and left to turn over a coal fire for a number of hours. The crispier the skin the better! No turkey is needed in the Philippines when you have Lechon in your backyard…

Varenyky, Ukraine

Varenyky from Ukraine are filled dumplings, whose contents can include meats such as chicken and lamb, fruits, and even cheese. They are considered a national dish of some eastern European countries, but in Ukraine, those who celebrate Christmas will be burning off their Varenyky at the gym for some time to come afterwards…

No turkey? No problem!

Camel is a delicacy in the United Arab Emirates and some other Middle-Eastern countries. While Christmas is not officially celebrated in these countries, a large number of expats will still be having their own private meals over the festive period – and when in the Emirates, why not do it the Emirati way and buy yourself some select cuts of camel?!

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