Top 5 best places to wake up on Christmas morning

Not all of us can escape the house on Christmas Day, and although we love spending some peaceful time with family and friends throughout the day (no doubt eating too much food!!), there must be some better place to celebrate Christmas, right?! I have below listed 5 of the best places to wake up on Christmas morning – can you think of anywhere you’d rather be?

5. Budapest

The Budapest Christmas Fair and Winter Festival is known all over the continent for being an exciting and festive place to enjoy Hungarian hospitality. This historic city also has its fair share of Christmas markets, with street food and souvenirs aplenty to entice both locals and tourists. Of all major European cities, Budapest lights up the Christmas season like no other!

4. The Swiss Alps

Having lived in Europe for a long time, I know there are few more romantic places in the continent to spend Christmas than in the Swiss Alps. The French and Italian Alps may also be sufficient, but for me the astounding natural beauty of places in Switzerland like Zermatt – almost always snow-capped at this time of year – cannot be beaten!

3. Thailand (sort of)

Although not an official holiday in Thailand, Christmas is nevertheless celebrated in a big way for those who want to join in. A few years ago, I mentioned Thailand was one of the WORST places to wake up on Christmas morning, but in retrospect I was wrong: the country may have its own take on the Christian holiday season (elephants in santa hats, anyone?), but if you can get down to a gorgeous beach in the south and live Christmas Day in the tropics and some Thai ice tea, then what could possibly go wrong? It’s a once in a lifetime experience!

2. New York City

Of all the cities in the world, I think good ol’ NYC must be the most magical place to experience Christmas! Whether you’re traipsing around shopping on Fifth Avenue, admiring the sights and sounds of Times Square, or just marvelling at the famous tree and angelic statues at Rockefeller Center, there is always a reason to get into the Christmas Spirit here – despite the often freezing temperatures!

1. Lapland

OK, maybe I haven’t been to Lapland myself, but this northernmost regions of Finland is said to be the home of the legendary Santa Claus himself! Lapland’s cold and wintery climate, as well as the abundance of evergreen trees, powdery snow, and curious reindeer, make this a trip you won’t forget in a hurry – and whether you’re here solo, with a partner, or even with your kids, you gotta try out a sleigh ride before you fly back to Helsinki!

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