Top 5 South East Asian snacks I need to survive!

Travelling around South East Asia is a hungry job but fortunately for me some of my favourite snacks and street foods are just around the corner. Whether it is a classic sandwich from Vietnam, or an Indian-inspired savoury treat from Singapore, I am happy in the knowledge that I will always survive with such tasty food at my fingertips! Here are a handful of my favourites!

A chicken Curry O

Curry Puff – I find these from fast food chains like Old Chang Kee in Singapore, and for cheap finger food, you cannot go wrong! I often buy half a dozen at a time – but they don’t last long with my appetite!

Thai Banana Roti

Roti Kluai – these are the famous banana rotis from Thailand. The freshest rotis are available in Bangkok, especially on Khao San Road, and I make a point of finding a vendor every time I am in the area.

Going bananas for Pisang Goreng

Pisang Goreng – these deep-fried bananas are perhaps my favourite snack of all in Asia, and ever since my first try in 2013, I have been religiously eating them since! Even at home in London, I try to make my own (but they are nowhere near as tasty as the authentic ones from Java).

Wonderful Banh Mi

Banh Mi – these are baguette sandwiches with a Vietnamese twist, that were originally left over by the French during colonial times. In true Vietnamese fashion, you can find a lot of spicy ingredients between the bread!

Bebek Betutu – delicious!

Bebek Betutu – roast duck in Bali is something that always makes me salivate. Especially when touring the countryside of Ubud, you MUST find a warung or restaurant to get your duck fix – it makes me absolutely quackers!

Are there any delicacies you cannot go without when you are travelling in the region? What are your faves?!


5 thoughts on “Top 5 South East Asian snacks I need to survive!

  1. This is making me hungry! 😀 I loved Bahn Mi and miss them so much in Europe. I haven’t found anything comparable here! And Roti, loved the Nutella Rotis, so, so good!


  2. Each and every one of them is delicious! Pisang goreng is my favourite!!! And I have never tried the Bebek Betutu though.

    Here are some that you can try in Malaysia:

    1. Otak-otak if you are in Johor. Available in other states too sometimes
    2. Sata in Pahang or Terengganu
    3. Keropok lekor if in Terengganu i.e. the origin. Available in almost all parts of Malaysia though
    4. Ketuk ubi – normally sell side by side with pisang goreng.



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