Top 5 friendliest countries in the Middle East

In all of my travels, I have rarely seen a friendlier bunch of nations than in the Middle East region. While media outlets will provide scare stories and sometimes discriminate, I have seen with my own eyes just how polite and accommodating Arabic people can be. So let’s take a look at the 5 friendliest nations in the Middle East region.

Life by the Creek is as cheap as you can get

United Arab Emirates is a popular place to visit, and if you manage to find some local Emiratis, then you will not be disappointed. Especially in Abu Dhabi, I found  the local people to be extremely courteous and intrigued by my presence.

Bahrain is not a country I have explored too much (I am due a return there soon) but in my short time I was made to feel very welcome by the Bahrainis I came across. The simple things like buying a drink from a shop or asking for advice at the airport was a good experience, despite perhaps some bad reputation hanging around the country by foreign media.

Kuwait is certainly not a country that gets much tourism, but I am pleased to say that I visited towards the end of 2014 for a few nights, and it is something I will never forget. The friendly faces at the local fish markets and on the beachside helped make my stay a pleasant one.

One of the core values of Jordanian people is hospitality

Jordan is known to be a country that welcomes foreign visitors with open arms, and during my time there I experienced amazing hospitality from all Jordanians. From the capital Amman, down to the Dead Sea and Petra enroute, I only ever had good experiences, and I would love to return one day and continue the positivity!

Sohar, Oman

Oman is a wonderful country – and Omani people know it! However, they go out of their way to help tourists enjoy their country, especially in the less touristy areas (ironically) such as mountainous Jabal Akhdar, and Sohar beside the beach. I found Oman to be a very laid back country with Omanis just chilling as they watched you enjoy everything their country has to offer. Muscat, the capital, doesn’t have much to offer travellers, but when you explore the rest of the country you won’t be disappointed – and if you’re lucky, you may make some Omani friends!

Have you explore the Middle East? Which nations have the friendliest people in your experience?

3 thoughts on “Top 5 friendliest countries in the Middle East

  1. i’ve only had a transit in both Abu Dhabi and Dubai on my way to USA in the past, but have yet to explore that part of nation. i take it much of the nation has changed and more developed today to cater more tourism.


  2. Why is israel not on this list. Thats stupid because israelis are friendly and nice to people so get that clear. And how could you put oman as friendly. They are besties with yemen and feel that they are good people. Israel suppose to be number one on this list.


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