Ultra-Long Haul: The longest flights in the world!

Flying is one of my main hobbies, and being a big traveller, I have had the chance to fly to all inhabited continents on the planet – but some of these flights have taken longer than others!

Where are you flying to today?
You may have a long flight, but at least you won’t have to stand in line for check in and security anymore!
Emirates crew readying themselves for another flight!

The longest flight I have ever taken is the Singapore Airlines flight from Singapore Changi back to London, which takes roughly 14 hours (sometimes slightly less). However, I have flown innumerable times on flights of 9 or 10 hours, including Singapore to Cape Town, Johannesburg to Dubai, Seoul to Dubai, Singapore to Auckland, Tokyo to Los Angeles, and Los Angeles to Seoul! I had a great time on all of these flights, but there are some flights out there that top them in terms of duration…

Here’s the 10 longest flights in existence, as of April, 2017, in ascending order:

American Airlines has just landed at HKG!

10. American Airlines Flight AA125, Dallas – Hong Kong, 16 hours 20 minutes

Qatar Airways is a fairly new visitor to Los Angeles!

9. Qatar Airways Flight QR739, Doha – Los Angeles, 16 hours 25 minutes

Etihad’s B777 is a comfortable option

8. Etihad Flight EY171, Abu Dhabi – Los Angeles, 16 hours 30 minutes

Emirates have 2 flights per day between DXB and LAX, one with the A380 and one with the B777, pictured here

7. Emirates Flight(s) EK215 & EK217, Dubai – Los Angeles, 16 hours 35 minutes

Delta operate a Boeing 777 over the Atlantic Ocean between Atlanta and South Africa

6. Delta Airlines Flight DL201, Johannesburg – Atlanta, 16 hours 50 minutes

Saudia have been plying this ultra long haul route for over 3 years with their B777-300

5. Saudia Flight SV41, Jeddah – Los Angeles, 16 hours 55 minutes

The Aussie A380 – WHAT A BEAUTY!

4. Qantas Flight QF8, Dallas – Sydney, 16 hours 55 minutes

The A350 of Singapore Airlines gets ready to depart “United Territory” at SFO and fly over 17 hours back home

3. Singapore Airlines Flight SQ31, San Francisco – Singapore, 17 hours 15 minutes

Emirates use an A380 double decker for the mammoth flight back home from Middle-Earth

2. Emirates Flight EK449, Auckland – Dubai, 17 hours 25 minutes

The Boeing 777 of Qatar Airways departs cool Auckland and heads back to the desert

1. Qatar Airways Flight QR921, Auckland – Doha, 17 hours 40 minutes

What is the longest flight you have taken on your travels? Have you experienced any of the 10 flights listed in this article?

10 thoughts on “Ultra-Long Haul: The longest flights in the world!

  1. Hailing from Australia, most flights are “longest flights”! 🙂

    It’s always good if a long-haul flights actually sticks to its schedule, unlike my last 2 flights back from Europe to Australia.

    Last year’s flight was grounded in Dubai: https://imageearthtravel.com/2017/03/19/emirates-rome-australia/

    The previous years’ flight was a series of delayed flights with Cathay: https://imageearthtravel.com/2016/08/15/cathay-pacific-saga-uk-to-australia/


  2. I had 2 realy long flights and numerous of a little bit short. But the longest were Rome – Chile more than 15h and Venice – Tokyo 15h 15min. I love long flights and if it is possible I always took direct flights.

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  3. I flew Dallas to Sydney on Qantas 747 and we had to stop in Brisbane. I also flew San Fran to Singapore via Hong Kong (also 747). Both were in business class thank goodness. I would have definitely preferred direct.

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  4. Nice post, I especially love the photo of the attendants getting ready for their flight.
    I have not taken a 14 hour flight yet, but hopefully I will be practiced enough that I am ready to take in on when the time comes.
    Thanks for sharing!


  5. the longest flights i’ve been on were between dallas and abu dhabi (etihad), between dallas and dubai (emirates), and between new york and singapore (sq).


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