Holland Village: Expat Living

I was recommeded to visit Holland Village by an acquaintance at my hotel, as despite being in Singapore so often, it remains a locale I hadn’t yet visited. Unfortunately, my trip coincided with my laptop breaking, so blogging on an iPad mini is a new experience for me!



There are plenty of residential neighbourhoods and districts in Singapore that hold interest for the traveller: Tiong Bahru, Emerald Hill, Punggol, and Arab Street are just a few I can think of. Each has their own distinct appearance and atmosphere, usually relating to the ethnic make up of the area. Holland Village, I was told, was where the European expats go to chill on their days off work, with a certain European vibe about the place, including the architecture and greenery (and a windmill, just like you’d find in Holland!).



As an aspiring foodie, I was happy to see that among the European style streets of Holland Village were lots of cafes and dessert shops, which sold good value coffees and ice cream (unlike in areas like Orchard, where it is more expensive).



Although I visited on a Tuesday afternoon, I can full well imagine hundreds of expats mixing with the locals at weekends as they drink away the pressures of work. Retail is also a big part of Holland Village and you will find many popular boutique shops around here which all add to the atmosphere.



The food market is perhaps the biggest reason people come here, although for night owls there are also some lively bars and late night restaurants such as Wala Wala, which is a great place to get to know your fellow expats. Even as you’re dining, you can marvel at the scenery out of the window, as in Singapore it is quite rare to have green spaces right next to residential areas. Luckily Holland Village fits the bill perfectly!

3 thoughts on “Holland Village: Expat Living

  1. whenever i visit singapore, more often than not i’d stay not too far from holland village food market. i tend to choose Bueno Vista area. it’s both yellow and green line, easy access to/fro airport, and only one stop from holland village (yellow line).


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