Top 5 reasons NOT to visit Papua New Guinea

Thankfully, Papua New Guinea remains very much off the beaten path for travellers, even though it can claim to have some amazing flora and fauna, including the revered Bird of Paradise, which can only be found in this troubled country (which is anything but paradise). For most people, the negatives outweigh the positives when thinking of visiting Papua New Guinea, and here are 5 of the main reasons why this could be.


5. Papua New Guinea is infamous for its basic hiking trails through thick, dense impregnable jungle, but as there is no tourist infrastructure here it is very easy to get lost – and you know what happens when you get in trouble in the jungle…


4. Here you can also find the largest concentration of Saltwater Crocodiles on the planet, and they are VERY aggressive! To make matters worse, these crocs like in both saltwater AND freshwater lakes, so there is literally nowhere safe beside water in Papua New Guinea!

Photo: Reuters

3. There is a reason why Papua New Guinea’s capital city, Port Moresby, is regularly listed as one of the most dangerous cities in the world, and this is because of its crime and apparent lawlessness. Single travellers and female travellers should avoid this city at all costs!

Photo: Reuters

2. Apart from crocodiles and malaria, the incurable Kuru Disease is also a big killer in Papua New Guinea, and is likely caused by eating infected meat (specifically brains!). While most tourists to the country won’t be partaking in cannibalism, Kuru is still clearly something of which to be fearful.


1. Deep in the no-man’s land of Papua New Guinea, you may be unfortunate enough to come across tribal “headhunters”, who kill for sport and cannibalism. It is becoming less and less common in modern times (thankfully!), but I would always be wary of visiting a small village in Papua New Guinea on my own…

7 thoughts on “Top 5 reasons NOT to visit Papua New Guinea

  1. Perfectly timed post!
    I am currently on my way to Papua and was considering PNG.
    I am a single female traveler and have a husband at home who wants me to come back alive and well.
    Thank you!

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  2. I read Agustinus Wibowo’s journey about PNG, and it seems he can enjoyed it. Well, Agustinus is an exception I think, he is somebody else.


  3. yeah. i have been told recently by a local tour guide that she had been warned by a local from Papua who has moved to Jakarta, that even him, a local, would rather live outside of Papua, due to its dangerousness, and discouraged her from going. and so she canceled her plan for a trip there and advised me to also not go.


  4. Dear blogger, its very upsetting and confusing here reading your post as a patriotic Papua New Guinean. The five reasons you’ve outlined are to some extant maybe from what you’ve collected from the media or from your own perspective on how you assess PNG (Papua New Guinea).

    You’ve openly stated that:
    1. There are no proper tourist infrastructure developments in place. However, PNG has a lot of infrastructure capabilities to cater for tourist who wish to visit PNG. There are so many to name. For example; Mt Whilem Lodge is a best tourist attraction site where every year tourist travel there to visit the highest mountain of PNG to see the beautiful environment there. I will update you some more if you wish then.

    2. Not in all parts of PNG will you find crocodiles. These creatures are only found in Sepik and Western Province of PNG where the vegetation and terrain suites them. Reason being that those to provinces have large or vast area of plains and swamps in it. Crocodiles like any other dangerous creatures found elsewhere in the world are a consideration that is taken onboard by tourist when they wish to travel somewhere.

    3. Though law and order is another issue in the country it doesn’t mean everywhere in the country is a cowboy country. Port Morseby is the capital of PNG where foreigners are seen conducting their day to day business. There is no fear living in the nation’s capital. Its very upsetting seeing you mentioning the nation’s capital as a place of lawlessness. Remember everywhere there’s law and order issues but still you can surely find that Port Moresby is a civilized environment just like any other cities of other countries.

    4. Kuru disease is just like any other disease found in other parts of the world. You can only be infected with it if you specifically consume the brain of an animal who has this disease. Otherwise tourist are not cowards they no what food is appropriate. There are so many fresh food found in PNG.

    5. Trouble headhunters and cannibalism is an history of the forefathers of the citizens of PNG. Presently imagine if you where travelling in any remote areas of PNG and ask the locals regarding the matter they’ll give you that puzzled and tell you directly that they have no idea about it. Its totally a thing of the past. Nobody knows what TROUBLE HEADHUNTER or CANNIBALISM is all about. Time have changed my dear, we’re no longer in the stone age.

    With this my friends if you wish to know more of PNG or have any questions to ask then please free to do so, I’m willing to assist. I’m not a tourist guide etc but if you really wish to seek my assistance then it will be my pleasure to help to you.

    God bless you all.


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