What is the most scenic part of mainland China?

In terms of natural beauty, there can’t be many, if any, places that can top China. From stunning waterfalls to desert landscapes and from deep misty lakes to snow-capped mountains, you can find it all in the People’s Republic of China, and with more and more tourists making trips to the country nowadays, the true beauty is being uncovered.


I have been lucky to see some stunning scenic places in China, although I haven’t made it to colourful dunes of Zhangye Danxia, nor the spectacular karst scenery of Yangshou, and obviously I only took photos of Mount Everest, rather than climb it myself (I am not a skilled climber)! I have already blogged about the most “epic” places in China (“epic”, as in from a tourists’ perspective and atmosphere, rather than pure scenic beauty), but when I think about it, I can think of plenty of contenders to be called “the most scenic place in China” – and I am lucky enough to have the selfies to prove it!

The floating mountains of Zhangjiajie are stunning, as are the multi-coloured rice terraces of Yuanyuan. I actually visited Yuanyuan after walking into China by foot from the north of Vietnam (Loc Bai border crossing, near Sapa) and the whole journey in that area was incredible, and full of scenic views.

Yunnan Province, though, is probably where most of the contenders for “the most scenic place in China” are located. You have the Tiger Leaping Gorge and the Black Dragon Pool, which are close to the ancient town of Lijiang, and these are routinely mentioned as among the finest examples of Chinese natural beauty. And let’s not forget the tropical jungles of Xishuangbanna, which is quite unlike anything else I have seen in China so far on my travels in the country.

Close to Shanghai in the east, you have West Lake in Hangzhou, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site of epic proportions and incredible atmosphere. A long drive north from Chengdu is Jiuzhaigou National Park, known for its year-round colourful waters, and this place itself could easily be heralded as the most beautiful area in China.

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