Top 5 aircraft models in the world

For intercontinental travel, it is easiest and safest to board an aircraft and fly to your intended destination. While this is not always the cheapest method of transport, aircraft are usually comfortable and efficient in getting you from A to B with less hassle than overland vehicles. But what kinds of aircraft are the best – Boeing, Airbus, narrowbody, widebody, double-decker, single decker?


5. Boeing B787 Dreamliner is one of the newer aircraft models in the skies and it is a long haul aircraft with a lot of mod-cons such as window shades for passengers and having space-age technology capable of reducing jetlag in flight.

The A320 in Etihad colours
The A320 in Etihad colours

4. Airbus A320 is a narrowbody aircraft and is used for short haul flights mainly, but also for medium haul flights of up to 6-7 hours. There is only one aisle in these aircraft, which can make for a cramped flight, but there are so many of these models in the world that they have to feature on this list.

The new Qatar Airways A350, which recently launched on routes to Frankfurt and Singapore
The new Qatar Airways A350, which recently launched on routes to Frankfurt and Singapore

3. Airbus A350 is the newest aircraft model of all, and not many airlines yet operate it. It is the Airbus answer to Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner, and it is capable of ultra long haul flights with advantageous fuel economy.


2. Boeing 777 is arguably the most common aircraft model in the skies these days (since the downfall of the B747) and they can be used on long haul flights from continent to continent, but as they are older they are not as economical with fuel as newer planes such as the A350.

A magnifique sight!
A magnifique sight!

1. Airbus A380 is undoubtedly the best aircraft in existence. Not only is it the world’s only double-decker aircraft, but due to its humungous size, it is often difficult to feel turbulence when flying in it! These huge aircraft are used by only 12 airlines on what is known as ‘trunk routes’ (popular and profitable routes), as each one can carry up to 550 passengers to their destination per flight!

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