Sundarbans vs Yala vs Ranthambore vs Chitwan

The Indian sub-continent is one of the best regions in the world to see big and powerful wildlife, such as tigers and elephants. But which country can lay claim to the best national park in the region, and which of these parks is best for international travellers? There are plenty from which to choose.


Sundarbans, Bangladesh

The Sundarbans National Park is known not only for its large population of saltwater crocodiles, but also man-eating Bengal tigers. Guided tours are part of the tourist itinerary in the park, but there is no guaranteed chance of seeing one of the tigers.


Ranthambore, India

Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan, India, is one of the best places in all of the Sub Continent for seeing tigers up close and personal in the wild. There are plenty of tiger reserves in India, but Ranthambore is the best not only for its close proximity to Delhi (and Jaipur), but also the wide array of lodging options close to the park.


Chitwan, Nepal

Chitwan National Park in central Nepal may be one of the most beautiful areas of the sub continent. Tigers are sometimes seen here, but the park is more known for its large concentration of rhino and elephants. Plenty of lush green forest and gleaming lakes provide a lot of home to wildlife of all shapes and sizes.


Yala, Sri Lanka

Yala National Park on the southern coast of Sri Lanka is situated not too far from Hambantota. Here you will find the largest concentration of leopard anywhere in the world, and sightings are almost guaranteed with every visit (during the day). There are also plenty of elephants and sloth bears.

As far as big mammals are concerned, there is no doubt that the Indian Sub Continent rules the world, but it is always hard to choose which country to visit to get your wildlife fix.


5 thoughts on “Sundarbans vs Yala vs Ranthambore vs Chitwan

  1. Surely Africa, and in particular Southern Africa, has to rule the world as far as BIG mammals and variety goes?
    African Elephant, rhino, buffalo, leopard and lion being the big five.
    Plus cheetah, wild dog, hyena, hippopotamus, crocodiles, huge variety of antelope and many many more….
    Just saying….


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