How to find budget hotels in Yangon

Unless you are planning to stay in Yangon for a while (like I did once), then you will probably just land at Yangon’s Airport and then stay for a night or two before heading to other areas of Myanmar. I think a stay in Yangon is worthy of 2 nights. 3 nights may be pushing it a little bit, as the price of accommodation here is a little on the hefty side (as is the case elsewhere in Myanmar).

The price of land in Yangon has increased since 2010, which means hotel prices increased too

First things first, though: if you are planning to catch the night bus from Yangon to Bagan then that VIP bus usually leaves around 8pm, so you don’t need to worry about accommodation that night – you will sleep on the bus (or try to!). Furthermore, if you plan to arrive in Yangon early morning on your flight, then you will have some time to pass before you can get your hotel room (usually hotel rooms have a check in time of 2pm/3pm).

Day or night, Yangon is interesting
Day or night, Yangon is interesting

In a city like Yangon, which is not too favourable for the budget-conscious backpacker, you could perhaps only need to book 1 night in your hotel, and save money for other things. I find that arriving early to the hotel, checking in, leaving your luggage safely at the hotel (most hotels and hostels will allow this free of charge) and then doing a few hours’ worth of tourism in the city BEFORE actually heading back to the hotel to your room is a good way of doing some “free sightseeing”. If you think about it, you can see a few of the sights in Yangon (perhaps even the Shwedagon Pagoda?) before you even use your hotel room. You can do the same thing when you check out, say at noon. Leave your bags at the hotel, head out to do some more tourism, and then come back for your luggage in the late afternoon ready to head to the bus station for your journey to Bagan.

A lot of Yangon’s hotels have popped up in the middle of busy suburbs

There are new mid-range hotels popping up in Yangon all the time, and thankfully, they are getting better and better, even for budget travellers. These mid-range hotels won’t be as cheap as in, say, Bangkok or Siem Reap, but they are still good quality, which is important to consider in Myanmar, as hygiene and power blackouts are still a problem even in 2016!

On my most recent trip to Yangon, I stayed at Hotel Accord, which is a very new 4* hotel with great rates. I think I paid the equivalent of £37 per night, for a 2 night stay. This hotel gets great reviews on TripAdvisor, which is where I actually found out about it! Other great value hotels in Yangon include Jasmine Palace Hotel, Taw Win Garden Hotel, and the Hotel Grand United 21st Downtown. For American travellers, you may be pleased to know what there are also a few Best Western hotels in Yangon!

8 thoughts on “How to find budget hotels in Yangon

    1. Hi Khai, sorry for the delay in getting back to you! I am heading back to Myanmar in May (Bagan again! :D) but I am stopping over in Yangon on the way there and back. Always tough to find suitable accommodation in the city, but it can be done. I think you should make Myanmar a priority! 😛

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      1. Again?? Haha. I might fo to Indonesia in May since my wife has yet to go there. I really wanna go to Myanmar but 2 things are hindering my plan: the requirement for a visa and the flight tix. It is hard to find cheap flight tix to Myanmar!

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  1. i would end up in Yangon someday soon, as i have an interest to go to Bagan. i was actually hoping to already have visited bagan earlier this year, but later found out that i need to apply for a visa first in order to get into the country. which means that i can’t make an impromptu decision to go there like i would have done with bangkok or kuala lumpur or singapore for a long weekend.
    well, my passport is about to expire this year, and so i decided to postpone the trip for now and have my passport renewed first before i go and apply for a visa to any country. plus, i have decided that it maybe best to spend longer than a weekend to visit bagan, thus a need to really plan for a longer trip.
    thanks for sharing your recommendation on hotels. i would need this.

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