Top 5 foods you can’t miss when in Argentina!

Argentina must surely be one of the most amazing countries in the world in culinary terms. Although some of its most famous food is not internationally popular, you can still fill your bellies with local delicacies when travelling around the country. And as they say, no Argentine food abroad ever comes close to the authentic version back home!

Dulce de Leche-flavoured Helado
Dulce de Leche-flavoured Helado

5. Helado is the Argentine version of ice cream and it is eaten voluptuously all over the country. There are so many varieties and styles, but unsurprisingly dulce de leche seems to be the most common flavour of Helado.


4. Asado is the name given to roasted meats in Argentina, especially to fine cuts of steak. In Brazil, they call this kind of thing Churrasco (where meats are carved off vertical spits at your table), but diners in Argentina seem to concentrate more on the actual steak itself rather than the method of serving. You cannot beat steak from Argentina!

Choripan from Argentina
Choripan from Argentina

3. Choripan is a kind of hotdog filled to the brim with condiments such as chimichurri and roasted vegetables. This was one of the first delicacies I tried upon landing in Buenos Aires, and I immediately fell in love with Argentine street food!

Some people say Milanesa is Argentina’s national dish

2. Milanesa is perhaps more popular than most Argentine dishes, and this refers to the breaded meats that are often served with potato chips. In the UK, breaded fish and chips is a similar dish, except obviously fish is used instead of meats. In Argentina, they seem to copy the Japanese method of coating meats in breadcrumbs (i.e. tonkatsu).


1. Alfajores are sweet Argentine confections consisting of two biscuits sandwiching dulce de leche and sometimes cream. After returning from Argentina, I have even tried making my own alfajores with two digestive biscuits and some chocolate spread – but it’s not quite the same!


4 thoughts on “Top 5 foods you can’t miss when in Argentina!

  1. Do you think argentine good is better than Brazilian food? Btw I love alfajor! I will make some myself! 😝😝


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