What wat? A guide to Phnom Penh’s best temples

While most tourists will associate wats (temples) and ruins with Cambodia’s other major city, Siem Reap, it is surprising to learn that Phnom Penh itself has a handful of good wats that could easily be part of your itinerary.

Phnom Penh's own version of Siem Reap's Ta Prohm
Phnom Penh’s own version of Siem Reap’s Ta Prohm

Ta Prohm may sound familiar if you’ve been travelling in Siem Reap, and Phnom Penh actually has its own version, a little way outside of city limits. This set of temple ruins is beside the Bati Lake and has a long and interesting history.

Wat Langka
Wat Langka

Wat Langka may look uninspiring from the outside, but it is actually one of the original wats in the city. A haven for Buddhist monks, this wat is certainly one to tick off your list.

The ruins of Phnom Chisor
The ruins of Phnom Chisor

Phnom Chisor is quite off the beaten track, but for those backpackers staying in Phnom Penh for a while, this set of scenic temple ruins could be the perfect half-day trip that you need to get away from downtown.

Wat Ounalom
Wat Ounalom

Wat Ounalom must rank as one of the most visited wats in Phnom Penh due to its close proximity to Sisowath Quay. It was once damaged by the Khmer Rouge, but is now the most important wat of Cambodian Buddhism.

The best temple in Phnom Penh is Wat Phnom
The best temple in Phnom Penh is Wat Phnom

Wat Phnom is the most famous of all wats in Phnom Penh and is also the most-visited by tourists. It is accessed by a long upwards staircase, surrounded by beautiful gardens, and the interior of the temple is decorated in amazing murals. A must see!

Have you been to Phnom Penh? What did you think of the wats/temples in the city?

3 thoughts on “What wat? A guide to Phnom Penh’s best temples

  1. My Friend just came back from Cambodia and they said it wasn’t all that. What else is there do in Phnom Penh apart from the temples ??


    1. It depends what your friends are looking for in a holiday – Cambodia has it all (apart from snow sports!)- you just need to know where to look.

      Phnom Penh is a big, dirty city – so if your friends only stayed there, or at the border, then that might be why they said it wasn’t all that.

      Cambodia has better islands than Thailand, has more jungle diversity, there’s Angkor Wat – one of the wonders of the world. So it really does depend what they were looking for.

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