Top 5 countries to backpack in 2016

With more and more people than ever before choosing to buy a sturdy backpack and flying off to explore parts of the world, which countries are set to be the most visited in the year ahead?


5. Greece is probably the best country in Europe in which to backpack right now, as far as I am concerned. Things are much cheaper here than they used to be, and when you consider the wealth of cultural attractions and beach resorts that Greece has to offer, then you would be a fool not to book yourself some cheap travel here during 2016!

4. China remains a firm backpacker favourite, although with the advent of budget flights into – and around – the country, travellers can enjoy more of this fascinating country than ever before. Why not experience the cultural splendour of Beijing before heading west to see the Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an, and then get some natural beauty in Yunnan Province, which surely must be the 2016 backpacking Chinese Province of choice? Chuck in the polar opposites of Tibet and Hainan and you’re laughing!

3. Morocco is a country of many undiscovered wonders for the average backpacker. It’s location near the foot of Spain often gives the impression that this country is not much different from Europe – but that couldn’t be further from the truth! Morocco is, of course, home to the Atlas Mountains and the inimitable Sahara Desert – not to mention magical Marrakech. The number of backpackers visiting here is increasing rapidly, with people of all ages wanting to immerse themselves in the famous Berber culture, and compared to other north African countries, it remains a completely safe place to visit for foreigners.

2. Indonesia is always going to be on the list and probably always will be for many years to come. Unlike other perennial backpacker favourites such as Egypt, Thailand, and Japan, Indonesia STILL has many things to offer travellers of all budgets. You can travel around Indonesia for YEARS and still not scrape the surface of what this incredible archipelago has to offer (trust me, I have been trying but failing since 2013). There is a reason why this country is called “The Emerald of the Equator”! Java and Bali are the major destinations for backpackers, and the ferry between these two popular ‘islands’ is actually part of the traditional backpacking route for foreigners. However, you would be a fool to miss out on the beauty of Sulawesi in 2016, especially Tana Toraja, which has a unique identity all to itself!

1. Argentina has become very close to my heart since visiting for the first time in 2015. I was recommended to visit the country by friends and I am very glad for that piece of advice! It was in Argentina that I discovered the true beauty of South America (not to mention some delicious food), and I became reinvigorated in my backpacking quest. You haven’t backpacked until you’ve been to Argentina, and while it may be a long way away for most people, it is nonetheless predicted that 2016 will see more tourists visit this beautiful country than ever before – so why not join in the fun?!

13 thoughts on “Top 5 countries to backpack in 2016

  1. No. 1. Agree, like you; first visit in 2015, it was tremendously fascinating!
    No. 2. TOTALLY AGREE, i am from Indonesia, born-raised-lived!
    No. 3. Agree, will put it in my bucket list
    No. 4. Disagree, for some personal reasons 😉
    No. 5. Agree, and will add it too..


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    1. Shame that you don’t like China much, but for me it’s such a huge country that there is always something else to explore!

      Also, it’s cool that you will try to one day get to Greece and Morocco! You won’t regret it! 🙂


  2. Looking at your index, my guess is you were visiting the Rio-Amazon-Lima-Cusco(including Machu Picchu)-Buenos Aires, am i correct?

    That one of a hell wonderful trips! And you make me miss Rio so so much!


    1. Argentina is a very long way away, but it can be very rewarding once you get there! Morocco is just about safe enough these days, so we must make the most of it before it, too, becomes a war zone like the rest of North Africa. 😦

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  3. it’s true for no.2. indonesia is still very much affordable for foreigners to explore. but i can’t say the same for jakarta. but outside the capital city, the country certainly offers many beautiful natural scenic locations that even i, as a local, have yet to visit.


  4. Thanks for put Indonesia in the list Lee. And now I’m considering to visit Argentina for backpacking and trekking trip to some mountainous regions. I heard that Argentina offers an access to Arctic as well.

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