My new favourite fish dish: Sambal Udang!

I’ve tried quite a few seafood dishes on my travels, including the Malaysian speciality of Ikan Bakar, and I even had a sprinkling of sotong on my roti john once. But a dish I first discovered in Penang could be the very best of the lot!


I have had a few dishes of sambal stingray in Singapore, and generally I like the taste of sambal. So when I had the chance to try this classic Malaysian dish, I didn’t want to turn it down! I’m not actually sure if this is a traditional dish or something like a special occasion dish, but regardless, it tasted amazing, and reaffirmed my love of sambal – and Malaysian food in general!

Sambal Udang
Sambal Udang

I first tried this prawn sambal dish in Penang at a pasar malam near Batu Ferringhi Beach and it was amazing. There is something so soothing about eating Malaysian seafood as you listen to the crash of the waves on the sand (well, AND loud music from the restaurant next door…). I was given a very large helping of white rice to accompany my meal and even the rice was amazing! I liked to mix up the rice in the sambal, although most people use the rice as a mere side dish to the prawn sambal meal rather than eat both at the same time.


Another time I ate sambal udang was in a high-end restaurant in Kuala Lumpur (not pictured). I don’t usually eat in hotel restaurants, as I prefer the authentic local meals from night markets and street vendors, but on this occasion my choice was justified. It was at the Traders Hotel just underneath the PETRONAS Towers and again the view was incredible. Every bite of my meal was a complex mixture of fiery sambal and briny prawns and it is a combination I would love to eat again in the future!


5 thoughts on “My new favourite fish dish: Sambal Udang!

  1. we have tons of this dish here in indonesia, especially here in Java island. it’s a typical home cooked dish that are also available at many restaurants. you can eat to your hearts contend if you get to visit indonesia again. and no need to get it from a nice hotel either.


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