23 MORE European Desserts you MUST try before you die!

One of the (many) reasons I love to travel is to sample the world’s different cuisines, and after a while, I began to realise my love for desserts, and as such I have been keen to try as many specialities as possible on my marauding around Europe. After my previous instalment, I realised that 23 European desserts simply isn’t a large enough number to do all my favourites justice! So I have compiled a list of yet another 23 desserts from this food-loving continent! Which ones get your tummy rumbling?


Apple Strudel, Austria

Apple strudel consists of an oblong strudel pastry jacket with an apple filling inside. The filling is made of grated cooking apples (usually of a crisp and aromatic variety), sugar, cinnamon, raisins, and breadcrumbs. Toppings of vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, custard, or chocolate sauce are common.

Want to make your own Apple Strudel? Here is the recipe!


Bienenstich, Germany

Bienenstich (Bee sting cake) is a German dessert made of a sweet yeast dough with a topping of caramelised almonds and filled with a vanilla custard or cream. The cake may have earned its name from its honey topping, as according to one legend, a bee was attracted to the cake, and the baker who invented it was stung!

Want to make your own Bienenstich? Here is the recipe!


Carrot Cake, United Kingdom

Carrot Cake is regularly voted the top dessert in the United Kingdom. Naturally, it is a cake that contains carrots mixed into batter. The carrot softens in the cooking process, and the cake usually has a soft, dense texture. Carrot cake is commonly glazed with white icing and chopped walnuts. It is then often coated with icing or marzipan made to look like carrots.

Want to make your own Carrot Cake? Here is the recipe!


Cherries Jubilee, United Kingdom

Cherries jubilee is a dessert dish made with cherries and liqueur, which is subsequently flambéed, and commonly served as a sauce over vanilla ice cream. This dessert was the inspiration for the American dessert known as Bananas Foster.

Want to make your own Cherries Jubilee? Here is the recipe!

Churros con chocolat
Churros con chocolat

Churros con Chocolat, Spain

A churro is a Spanish fried-dough pastry, similar to the youtiao in China. Eaten as an after-dinner treat, churros con chocolat is a version that proves most popular. The churros can be filled with chocolate (or dulce de leche), or more commonly, dipped in a small pot of warm chocolate sauce.

Want to make your own Churros con Chocolat? Here is the recipe!


Donauwelle, Germany

Donauwelle is a traditional cake popular in Germany. It is a pound cake with sour cherries, buttercream, cocoa and chocolate and like a Marble cake bright and dark cake batter are mixed into each other to create swirl effects.

Want to make your own Donauwelle? Here is the recipe!


Éclairs, France

An éclair is an oblong pastry made with choux dough filled with a cream and topped with icing. The dough, which is the same as that used for profiteroles, is typically piped into an oblong shape with a pastry bag and baked until it is crisp and hollow inside. Once cool, the pastry then is filled with whipped cream or a flavoured custard.

Want to make your own Eclairs? Here is the recipe!


Ekmek Katafi, Turkey

One of the most popular desserts in Turkey, Ekmek Katafi is bread pudding usually served with kaymak, which is a kind of clotted cream. Also very popular in Greece.

Want to make your own Ekmek Katafi? Here is the recipe!

Guinness Cake
Guinness Cake

Guinness Cake, Ireland

A smooth, moist, deep-flavoured cake that even non-Guinness lovers will adore due to the bitter Guinness offset by the sugar and cocoa. As you can imagine, real Guinness stout is used to flavour this classic Irish dessert (so it’s not for the kids!).

Want to make your own Guinness Cake? Here is the recipe!


Krumkake, Norway

A Krumkake is a kind of Norwegian waffle cookie made of flour, butter, eggs, sugar, and cream. While hot, krumkake are rolled into small cones around a wooden or plastic cone form. Krumkake can be eaten plain or filled with whipped cream.

Want to make your own Krumkake? Here is the recipe!


Makowiec, Poland

Makowiec is a poppy seed roll is a pastry consisting of a roll of sweet yeast bread with a dense, rich, bittersweet filling of poppy seed. An alternative filling is a paste of minced walnuts, making it a walnut roll. Polish festivals wouldn’t be the same without a bit of makowiec!

Want to make your own Makowiec? Here is the recipe!


Pasteis de Nata, Portugal

These little custard tarts are one of the national icons of Portuguese cuisine and were even exported to other areas of the world where Portugal ruled during colonial times (such as Macau, Indonesia and Brazil).

Want to make your own Portuguese custard tarts? Here is the recipe!


Sachertorte, Austria

The luxurious Sachertorte is a specific type of chocolate cake, or torte, invented by the Austrian chef Franz Sacher in 1832. It is one of the most famous Viennese culinary specialties.

Want to make your own Sachertorte? Here is the recipe!


Schneeballen, Germany

Schneeballen (snowball in English) is made from shortcrust pastry and is especially popular in the south of Germany. Its name derives from its round, ball-like shape with a diameter of about 10cm. These oversized treats are traditionally decorated with copious amounts of sugar.

Want to make your own Schneeballen? Here is the recipe!


Sernik, Poland

Sernik is one of the most popular desserts in Poland. Made primarily using twaróg, which is a type of fresh cheese, sernik is found on the menu at all good cafés and restaurants throughout the country.

Want to make your own Sernik? Here is the recipe!

Strawberries and Cream
Strawberries and Cream

Strawberries and Cream, United Kingdom

If any dessert typified Britain, then perhaps it would be Strawberries and Cream. Despite really only being a seasonal dessert (not eaten during winter), this tasty treat contains fresh whole strawberries covered underneath a healthy dose of cream. Strawberries and Cream can also be eaten with the cream inserted inside the sliced fruit.

Want to make your own Strawberries and Cream? Here is the recipe!

Syrniki are Russian pancakes
Syrniki are Russian pancakes

Syrniki, Russia

These are thin Russian cheese pancakes that are typically topped with berries and treacle or honey. While pancakes can be eaten at any time of the day, syrniki are typically eaten after dinner in Russia and also in the Ukraine.

Want to make your own Syrniki? Here is the recipe!

Lokum (Turkish Delight)
Lokum (Turkish Delight)

Turkish Delight, Turkey

Turkish Delight (or Lokum as it is known locally) is a family of confections based on a gel of starch and sugar. Premium varieties consist largely of chopped dates, pistachios, and hazelnuts bound by gel and generally flavoured with rosewater, mastic, Bergamot orange, or lemon. The confection is often packaged and eaten in small cubes that are dusted with icing sugar.

Want to make your own Turkish Delight? Here is the recipe!


Vla, Netherlands

Vla is a Dutch dairy product traditionally includes eggs, sugar, and fresh milk. Vla is available in many different flavours but vanilla is most popular. Other flavours include chocolate, caramel, banana, orange, rum, blackcurrant, raspberry, strawberry, cinnamon, peach and apple.

Want to make your own Vla? Here is the recipe!

Belgian Waffles!
Belgian Waffles!

Waffle, Belgium

A waffle is a leavened batter or dough cooked between two plates, patterned to give a characteristic size, shape and surface impression. There are many variations based on the type of waffle iron and recipe used. Waffles are eaten throughout the world and toppings depend on regional tastes.

Want to make your own Waffles? Here is the recipe!


Xuixo, Spain

The Xuixo is a pastry from Catalonia in Spain and is a cylindrical pastry filled with crema catalana that is deep fried and covered with crystallized sugar. It is sometimes eaten for breakfast, but due to the sweet filling, most people tend to think of it as a dessert snack, similar to an éclair from France.

Want to make your own Xuixo? Here is the recipe!


Yiaourti me Meli, Greece

This famous Greek yogurt is made from sheep’s milk and is often topped with honey and small berries. Due to its popularity, Yiaourti me Meli can be found pretty much anywhere in Europe nowadays.

Want to make your own Yiaourti me Meli? Here is the recipe!


Zefir, Russia

Although the Americans lay claim to introducing the common marshmallow, the Russian version is called Zefir, and this is a tasty dessert treat that is made by the combination of whipped fruit puree and egg whites. Chocolate-coated versions can also be found around Russia!

Want to make your own Zefir? Here is the recipe!

Thanks for checking out my latest edition of 23 European blogs! My favourites of this selection would have to be Strawberries and Cream, Vla, and Apple Strudel! What are your favourites?

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13 thoughts on “23 MORE European Desserts you MUST try before you die!

  1. Yummy,yummy! Yes,these are deserts to die for. I will surf for the recipes,especially carrot cake,apple strudel and eclairs . Thanks


  2. For me, creme brulee, cannoli, princess donuts (choux pastry, whipped cream and pastry cream) would certainly made the list 🙂


    1. Good choices. Those Princess Doughnuts looks nice (I just googled them ;)) but they remind me of cream puffs. I guess I could add them to the list next time I do one 😉


  3. Why only vla from the Netherlands? That’s so boring and plain! You should also try gevulde speculaas (although that’s more of a cookie than a dessert but sachertorte isn’t a dessert either) and our Mona puddings.

    Also oranje koek and suikerbrood (hailing from the northern region of the Netherlands) are extremely delicious and traditional. Appeltaart is a Dutch staple as well as are a couple of hazelnut merengue like pies. To the south of the Netherlands we get Bossche bollen, incredibly delicious and sinfully good and even further south in Zeeland at the sea we have bolussen (kind of cinnamon bun) and the South East carries (Limburg) vlaaien as traditional pastries dessert. Those are just a few I know of, there’s got to be a lot more!

    Good luck with testing and growing fat!


    1. Wow Saskia, thanks for the many suggestions of Dutch desserts! I don’t know too much about Dutch food, but I had always known about Vla. As such, that is why I included it in the list as I thought it was the most famous of the bunch! Anyway, I will certainly try to seek out some of the others you mentioned (especially Bolussen) – and I hope I don’t become fat! 😉


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