The 50 most amazing foods I’ve ever eaten

I have decided to take a little trip down memory lane and remember 50 of the most amazing foods I have experienced on my travels thus far. It was hard to rank them all in order, but I think I just about managed it! Oh, and if this post doesn’t make you hungry, then I have obviously failed!


50. Siu Mei – roasted meat from southern China
49. Gyudon – a traditional beef bowl from Japan
48. Spaghetti Bolognese – famous pasta dish from Italy
47. Kwek-Kwek – deep-fried quail eggs from the Philippines
46. Doner Kebab – a traditional Turkish street food
45. Churros – perhaps the quintessential Spanish snack
44. Nasi Lemak – the national rice dish of Malaysia
43. Ginanggang – sugar-coated bananas from the Philippines
42. Lu Rou Fan – braised pork belly and rice from Taiwan
41. Simit – an insanely popular bread ring from Turkey


40. Black Pepper Bun – a delightful snack from Taiwan’s night markets
39. Strawberry Rhubarb Pie – the ultimate American Pie
38. Berliner – a traditional doughnut from Germany but without the hole
37. Sai Ua – a spicy sausage from Chiang Mai in Thailand
36. Kakigori – the Japanese take on shaved ice desserts
35. Coxinha – a Brazilian chicken croquette
34. Alfajores – biscuits filled with dulce de leche from Argentina
33. Tonkatsu – deep-fried and breaded pork from Japan
32. Fish and Chips – the traditional British seaside snack
31. Banh Mi – the Vietnamese take on the French baguette


30. Shawarma – the most popular snack in Arabic countries
29. Halo-Halo – a Filipino shaved ice dessert
28. Tteokbokki – spicy rice cakes from South Korea
27. Gulab Jamun – an Indian dessert fit for a Mughal Emperor
26. Taiwanese Sausage – a sausage stuffed inside another sausage skin
25. Cakalang Fufu – grilled skipjack tuna from Sulawesi in Indonesia
24. Dak Galbi – stir-fried chicken from South Korea
23. Tandoori Chicken – traditionally-cooked chicken from the streets of India
22. Currywurst – a German spicy sausage
21. Tiramisu – the ultimate Italian dessert


20. Choripan – a fattening hotdog from Argentina
19. Ayam Penyet – smashed chicken from Indonesia
18. Banh Xeo – this crispy crepe is the ultimate Vietnamese street food
17. Onion Bhaji – a traditional street food from India
16. Hot Dog Potato – a South Korean snack of chips encasing a sausage on a stick
15. Kai Yang – grilled and heavily spiced chicken from Thailand
14. Beef Bulgogi – the national dish of South Korea
13. I-dtim Mat Phrao – Thai-style ice cream made with coconut milk
12. Banoffee Pie – a dessert combining banana and toffee from the UK
11. Bebek Betutu – roasted duck is a Balinese favourite


10. Brigadeiro – a small after-dinner treat from Brazil
9. Peking Duck – the most famous and historic of all Chinese dishes
8. Burrito – this wrap of rice and beans hails from Mexico
7. Khao Niao Mamuang – a dessert of mango and sticky rice from Thailand
6. Dondurma – Turkish ice cream
5. Yang Yeum – Korean twice-fried chicken
4. Vada Pav – India’s famous burgers filled with chutney and spices
3. Pisang Goreng – deep-fried bananas from Indonesia
2. Gua Bao – the Taiwanese version of a hamburger
1. Takoyaki – deep-fried and battered octopus from Japan

It was a hard decision to rank these foods and snacks, but I am very happy with the order of the top 10 at least! Have you ever tried anything exotic on your travels and which of those did you most enjoy?

14 thoughts on “The 50 most amazing foods I’ve ever eaten

  1. Not so many fruit-based-food about the King fruit “Durian”..exotic, typical, unusual taste. But its heavenly fruit for those who like it.


    1. I am not a fan of Durian. I prefer Bambangan from Borneo. 😉 Fruit-based snacks, well I remember tanghulu from Beijing and of course mangoes from the likes of Thailand and Mexico. I also ate a lot of locally-grown strawberries in Korea…they tasted different to the ones I am used to.


  2. there are two things i crave here that i have YET to try – halo halo and gua bao. i’m so behind. and yes, korean strawberries are very different, but damn they are good.

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