Brazil’s Hidden Gems

Everybody knows about Rio, the Amazon, and the mighty Iguassu Falls. But in the huge country of Brazil there are still a few “hidden” gems that are some way off the traditional tourist trail.


In a country as big as Brazil, which receives so much tourism throughout the year, it must be said that finding “hidden” gems here is practically impossible. However, the places I have listed below are special in their own way, because they don’t attract the level of interest that other areas of Brazil do, and certainly they won’t be added to the itinerary of the average backpacker. This is a great shame, because as you are about to see, these hidden gems of Brazil are truly spectacular in their own way!


Brasilia is the Brazilian capital. As such, of course it’s not “hidden”, but it is included in this list because it is very much off the beaten track for tourists. If we go to a city in Brazil, we will choose Rio or maybe Sao Paulo. Nobody ever seems to choose to come to Brasilia (unless they have business or family there).


Jericoacoara (or Jeri, as it’s affectionately known by the locals) is a northern beach town that is famous for being where the sand dunes meet the ocean. It’s like a mini desert up there and the spectacular scenery draws tourists from around Brazil, but most international visitors seem unaware of its existence.


Snake Island is a perfect example of a hidden gem in Brazil. In fact, it is off-limits to everybody apart from a few Government researchers. The island, off the coast of Sao Paulo state, gets its name because of the incredibly high level of venomous snakes around – estimated to be an average of one snake for every 75sq metres!


Fernando de Noronha is an island off the north-eastern shore of Brazil and is claimed by some to have Brazil’s best beaches – and that is some claim considering the many famous beaches along its long Atlantic coastline! Nowadays more and more hotels are popping up here, but it remains strangely off the radar for many tourists to Brazil.


Pantanal is arguably an ever better place to view wildlife than even in the Amazon! It may be the Amazon that gets the publicity but the Pantanal is actually the home of the largest jaguar population on the planet! You can also find caiman and aardvarks here, and if you are prepared to travel to get here, then you will come across many guided tours to help you explore on this wetland safari!

What do you consider to be a hidden gem from Brazil?


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