The Emirates Fleet

One of the most famous airlines in the world, Emirates, the airline of Dubai, is known for being ambitious and seemingly in continuous expansion. Their famous all widebody fleet covers the entire globe, but let’s take a closer look at the aircraft available to them.


Because Emirates do not have any narrowbody aircraft in their fleet, in fact the A330 is the smallest aircraft in EK colours. There are 18 A330s with Emirates and can hold up to 183 economy class, 42 business class, and 12 first class passengers. A later configuration of this aircraft gets rid of the first class seats and halves the business class seats to increase economy seating to 250. Emirates fly the A330 mainly on regional flights around North Africa and the Middle-East, but also to some secondary European airports.


Amazingly, there are only 4 Airbus A340s left in Emirates’ fleet, and even they are being phased out by 2022. Able to carry up to 200 passengers in economy class, 42 in business class, and 12 in first class, the Emirates A340 are a rare sight nowadays, but in recent times it has been seen flying to Cape Town and Kuwait City.


Many people associate Emirates with the Airbus A380 “SuperJumbo”, and in fact they are the largest operator of this splendid double-decker. I have flown in the first class suites on the EK A380 to Hong Kong, and there are 12 suites on each aircraft. The economy cabins have between 399-427 seats in addition to the suites and 76 business class seats. Where do Emirates fly the A380? It was always usually on trunk routes to important airports, but nowadays they seem to be sending it everywhere!


The Boeing 747s in the EK fleet are used only for cargo purposes, but I thought I would show them here in this article anyway. It is not uncommon to see an Emirates jumbo jet touch down at major airports across the globe – including at London Heathrow, where I saw one yesterday!


The B777 is a mainstay of the Emirates fleet, with around 136 in EK colours (in various configurations). This makes Emirates the largest operator of the B777 in the world. Typically, there can be up to 310 economy class seats on these aircraft, with 12 first class cabins. Emirates uses the B777 on long range flights to Europe, south America, and the Far East, but also on busy routes to India and Dhaka in Bangladesh.


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