Ranking the livery of every A380

There are now 13 airlines in the A380 Club, with many more to follow over the coming years. But which airline looks best with its SuperJumbo livery? I count down from 13-1 (and no, Singapore Airlines doesn’t win, for once).

Lufthansa's A380


I am not a big fan of dark blue and white combined on an aircraft, so for me this is clearly the worst livery of all the A380 airlines. Maybe it would look a little better if the LUFTHANSA name was larger on the side.


China Southern

This one just seems so basic, and even a little messy, with at least two shades of blue there. A large amount of white in a livery is sometimes a pitfall, if the accompanying colour scheme doesn’t work. And this is what lets down China Southern.



Maybe I am being a little harsh on Qantas, as I actually like their red tail fin logo, but the rest of just too bland. I would prefer if the red parts of the livery stretched over to the nose.


Air France

While some people may say that the tail fin livery looks tacky, I actually think it suits the Air France colour scheme. However, the rest of the livery is way too bland, only saved by the AIRFRANCE lettering being in blue, rather than black.


Malaysia Airlines

While nothing special, the understated Malaysia Airlines livery is very refreshing, with its dark blue patterns on the fuselage, but I would like to see a larger incorporation of the Malaysian flag on its livery.



I think Emirates have a great gold lettering and a nice tail fin dressed in the Emirati flag, however we are getting to the high standards of liveries now, so I can only rank Emirates mid-table.

British Airways are a founding member of OneWorld
British Airways are a founding member of OneWorld

British Airways

The curvy red and blue parts of the BA livery are really cool, especially the little swirl over the lettering just above the nose. The dark blue underbelly is also a nice touch to contrast against the white fuselage.



If nothing else, the livery of Asiana is unique with the multi-coloured tail fin and winglets. Otherwise, the livery is bland, but its the striking rear of the aircraft that will get all the attention.


Singapore Airlines

A lovely combination of yellow and dark blue makes up for the whiteness of the fuselage. Unlike some airlines, Singapore Airlines have a very large lettering on the side of the fuselage and a small-yet-prominent Singaporean flag, too. The tail fin is also one of the better designs from any of the A380 airlines.



Unlike most airlines, Etihad has a slightly different shade of ‘white’ across their fuselage, which makes it darker and not as boring to look at. The newest livery of Etihad also introduces gold, brown and silver chequered design on the tail fin and winglets which make it an interesting combination.



Although it has a white underbelly, Korean Air are completely light blue and in all times of day and atmospheres, this livery looks spectacular. The Korean Air “Pepsi” logo is also prominent on the side and tail fin, which adds yet more positive identity.



Although I am not a fan of white liveries, Thai Airways are probably my 2nd favourite livery of any A380 airline, and this is because of the encroaching purple and gold colour scheme that begins at the rear and takes over almost half of the fuselage. The Thai logo on the tail fin and front of the aircraft is also very prominent.

Qatar Airways A380
Qatar Airways A380

Qatar Airways

The best livery for me on any of the A380s is undoubtedly Qatar Airways. Their trademark grey and purple colour scheme makes for a great livery on an aircraft as large as the A380. The giant purple oryx (the national animal of Qatar) also makes an appearance on the tail fin, which is unmistakable. The oryx logo also appears on the side of the engines, which is another nice little touch.

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