Mexico’s Gift to the World

When you think of Mexico, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Beaches? Mayan temples? Drugs? Sombreros? Tequila? Well, for me, pretty much the first thing I think of when I visit Mexico is BURRITOS! Pure Mexican food for the soul!


I don’t know why but I just love burritos. I have tried many similar types of ‘wrap’, such as doner kebab in Turkey, shawarma in Egypt and Qatar, the jianbing in China, and even the likes of dosa and chapati in India. However, there’s nothing quite like a traditional Mexican burrito – and as far as I’m concernedthe bigger and fatter, the better!



Maybe it’s the ingredients used in Mexican food that make it so interesting. Guacamole is an amazing condiment, and Indonesia may think it is lucky to have the likes of galangal or sambal, but for me guacamole is the ultimate condiment, and it reeks of pure Mexicana! It is naturally a very feint green in colour and is very hot (but not too hot, like chili paste). Other ingredients in a burrito are of course rice, meat, and salad. In Mexico City, street vendors were friendly in serving up my burrito, and they seem very happy to see Europeans like me tasting their homemade food (and happy for our money, I guess…).


As Mexico’s burrito has been exported worldwide, I find that pork and chicken are the main meat fillings, and sometimes you get a choice of white rice or brown rice to go with your meat. I personally always choose white rice (maybe a little unhealthier, but hey), but in Mexico they usually just have meat in the burrito, with very little else, apart from condiments like guacamole and sour cream.


5 thoughts on “Mexico’s Gift to the World

  1. i think guacamole is the best part of mexican food, as i dislike anything that comes with beans. unfortunately for me, most mexican fare includes some sort of bean ingredient. hence i would add a generous amount of guacamole with some salsa and sour cream in order to hide the earthy taste of beans.


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