The best hotel in Torajaland

Getting to Tana Toraja is no easy feat, but when you’re here you need to be made aware of the choices regarding accommodation in the area. You can find hotels for most budgets, although you won’t find anything too luxury in these parts of central Sulawesi.

Nice grounds within the hotel
Nice grounds within the hotel

I stayed at the Toraja Misiliana Hotel, which is highly regarded by travellers and is a well-known option for the area. I decided to stay safe and book myself some nights here, rather than chance it in the guesthouses that are scattered around town. The Toraja Misiliana Hotel is located in Toraja, rather than the nearest major town, which is Rantepao, and this means that once you check in to the hotel, you don’t have to keep driving back and forth between Rantepao and the main sites of Torajaland.

Toraja Misiliana Hotel - the best choice in the area
Toraja Misiliana Hotel – the best choice in the area

The first thing that will strike you about the hotel is the beautiful and well-manicured grounds and gardens. It is always nice to travel so far and get to a hotel where the staff really care about appearance. Some of the rooms are decorated in Tongkonan style, which is the exact architecture of the Toraja people. This makes the stay at Toraja Misiliana Hotel a very unique one, as I am sure that you won’t have experienced such architecture anywhere else in the world! Even relaxing by the swimming pool, after a hard day’s exploration around Tana Toraja’s megalithic sites and attractions, you can remain immersed in the scenery and culture of Torajaland – albeit now with swimming shorts on and a cocktail in hand!


The staff here are very friendly and professional. Toraja Misiliana Hotel have clearly trained their team very well and they go out of their way to make guests feel at home. I found the hotel to be relatively quiet, so it may not have been ‘high season’, but still, by the end of the 3 nights some of the staff members even called me by my name, so they are very attentive, as well as multi-lingual (speaking English was no problem for them, and I also heard them speak German and French to other guests).

The Tongkonan suites at night
The Tongkonan suites at night

I paid only £22 per night for a superior room during my 3 night stay here at Toraja Misiliana Hotel, and that even included free breakfast (although I don’t eat breakfast when travelling). You don’t get WIFI in the rooms, which is slightly annoying, but you can get it in the public areas like the lobby and the bar. All in all, I think the Toraja Misiliana Hotel is a great choice when in Tana Toraja, and while it maybe slightly more expensive than some other options in the area, I think by western standards it remains very, very cheap and convenient. Even the Tongkonan Suites are only around £40 per night. Maybe if and when I return to this part of Sulawesi, I will choose one of those and live like a true member of the Toraja People!

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