The Pride of Malaysia

If there’s one thing you can say positively about Malaysia Airlines, it’s that they have some of the most helpful, cheerful, and professional cabin crew in the skies. It is always a pleasure to travel with them.


Compared to Thai or Singapore Airlines, I haven’t flown with Malaysia Airlines anywhere near as often as I would have liked to, yet one thing I always look forward to when I do fly with them is to enjoy the great service from their renowned cabin crew. I have only flown economy class with Malaysia Airlines, but even in the cheap seats, the stewardesses were always cheerful and polite to me and the rest of the passengers, despite the turbulent times the airline is having since the tragedies of 2014.


If the network of MH cabin crew members was strong BEFORE the tragedies of 2014, then it is certainly even stronger now. There seems to be a pride and unity among all staff to try and rid the airline of its (undeserved) bad image. After all, it’s not the fault of Malaysia Airlines that MH17 was shot down by Russian rebels. Yet time and again, in my experiences, the MH cabin crew go the extra mile to represent their country and show all passengers that they are proud of their heritage AND proud of their the company they work for.


When I am walking around airports before a flight, I like to see various cabin crews walking towards the departure gate to board their flight home. I also like to see the pilots. But it is with the cabin crew members that you can detect the level of pride and morale. If they aren’t committed to their jobs (or if they just see what they are doing as a job) then it will rub off on the passengers to create a bad experience. On more than one occasion, I have received friendly smiles from MH stewardesses in airports, despite the fact that I wasn’t even flying with them on that day! It seems they just genuinely enjoy what they do and want to give a good impression of Malaysia – and Malaysia Airlines – to the world.


Onboard the flights I have taken with Malaysia Airlines, I have always been impressed with the attention to detail that the cabin crew has as they go about their business (both male and female equally). Even when distributing meals as part of the inflight service, the MH cabin crew smile at you to make you feel welcome, kneel down towards you, and offer you your choice of meal in a friendly voice. There’s never any shouting or wobegoneness on Malaysia Airlines. Because of this, the airline still has its fans, despite a poor if unjust reputation these days. Even as the airline drifts into further economic turmoil since last year’s tragedies, it can still boast one of the finest set of cabin crews in the air!


5 thoughts on “The Pride of Malaysia

  1. Completely agree. A really great airline and it pains me to hear people who bluntly refuse to fly with them now – even when a major saving can be made compared to the other airlines flying into SEA.
    I think they will probably change their name and rebuild, and if they do I hope they retain all of their core values.

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    1. I have noticed that MH are really cheap nowadays, sometimes 25% cheaper than other airlines from the region. I wonder when they will change their name, and I hope they don’t lay off any more staff.


      1. I spoke with a family of 5 who were visiting friends near to Kuala Lumpur. They paid about £1k more to not fly direct with Malaysia and instead flew Emirates indirect to Bangkok, stayed there for a night in a hotel at the airport and then flew Air Asia to get to Kuala Lumpur. That’s a lot of wasted money and inconvenience.
        They had other hang ups though. They also wouldn’t fly with BA for reasons they couldn’t quite explain.


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