Coconuts on Copacabana

Located in Rio’s Zona Sul, Copacabana Beach is one of the most famous and most beautiful beaches in the world. The atmosphere is very vibrant and the water is warm – not to mention hundreds of Brazilian beach babes!


You couldn’t come to Brazil and not experience some beaches, and believe me, Rio de Janeiro has plenty to choose from! Is Copacabana the best beach in Rio? Well, maybe not, as it gets too crowded for my liking. However, Copacabana is certainly the most famous, and the surrounding area has some of the best night life and street food in the entire city. To the left of Copacabana Beach is Sugarloaf Mountain, so it’s a good area to get some tourism in even if you don’t like sunbathing or swimming in the ocean! Across the street from the beach itself are some amazing 5* hotels, such as the Copacabana Palace Hotel, the Sofitel, and the JW Marriott – all of which were far too expensive for me!




Running for more than 2 miles parallel to the beach is the promenade, which is a popular route for cyclers, joggers, and roller-skaters. From here, you can actually get great views of Copacabana Beach without getting sand in your shoes. The smell of the salt water (and nearby street food cooking away) really lets you know you are in Brazil! Wherever you go at Copacabana, whether its on the promenade or the sand, you can be sure of seeing friendly locals in their swimming trunks and bikinis making the most of the hot and steamy Brazilian weather!



One thing I always wanted to do at Copacabana Beach was stop by one of the beach bars and enjoy a gold cup of agua de coco (coconut water) straight from the coconut itself. These are so cheap that I must have had 2 or 3 along Copacabana at various times of the day! It was great to kick back and admire the view of the Atlantic Ocean (and the beach babes!) as I sipped on my fresh juice through a straw! I also tried some chicken croquettes called coxinhas and a hearty Brazilian stew called Feijoada. I must have had just as much fun eating Brazilian street food as I did frolicking on the beach!


The locals really enjoy their sports and volleyball nets are strung along the shores. Men and women of all ages will challenge you to a game or two – but beware, as they are fiercely competitive! There are also football courts, where the new Ronaldo or Neymar are no doubt training on a daily basis besides the sun-kissed waves of Copacabana. I also saw several places on the beach with training equipment where locals can pump iron and build muscles.

You can get to Copacabana Beach on Subway Line 1 or by taking one of the public buses (most of the tourist destinations in Rio are on the way to and from the beach). Enjoy those coconuts!

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