Of sugar and jam

Full of custard and jam, and often topped with sugar and icing, doughnuts are among the favourite snacks of people in the Western world, and especially in the US. There is no better place than in New York to find some memorable flavours from some global fast food brands!



Doughnuts are a fantastic sugary treat wherever you go in the world, but the fact is they were invented in America, and are known as one of the most popular fast foods/comfort foods in the country. Many international doughnuts brands, such as Dunkin’ Donuts, or Krispy Kreme, are famous throughout the world with their memorable logos and even more memorable tasty doughnuts. I don’t think I have ever seen doughnuts quite as colourful as the ones located nearby Central Park or Times Square in New York City.

My top 5 picks for doughnut delight in NYC are as follows:

  • Doughnuttery, Chelsea Market
  • The Donut Pub, 14th Street, NY
  • Underwest Donuts, 47th Street, NY
  • Dough Loco, Upper East Side (near Central Park)
  • Dough, Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn

More ideas can be found here for great doughnut stores.

I just had to stop off and buy a few. Luckily I did a lot of walking during my trip to NYC so I burned off the calories! However, where I am from, doughnuts are not always so colourful and attractive…


As I have travelled, I have eaten nice doughnuts in Brazil (known as sonhos), Italy (known as bombolone), and in Germany (known as Berliner Pfannkuchen), but nowhere can you find the kind the sickly variety like here in the USA! In the UK, I am used to seeing supermarkets and bakeries selling miniature doughnuts that are covered in sugar rather than icing. This makes them much less colourful than their American counterparts, and not as easy on the eye. Of course, you can still find colourful doughnuts in the UK, but they are not traditional over here. We Brits prefer cakes with our afternoon tea, such as a Chelsea Bun or a piece of Battenberg cake!



All over the world, but especially in the US, doughnuts are known as a comfort food. Whether you purchase a single “donut” or buy a handful, you can always appreciate the various tastes and flavours of the icing that are available. Many doughnuts are filled with jam or custard and this provides even more taste upon biting into it! While they may not be the healthiest foods out there (in fact, some types of doughnuts are among the most calorific foods in America), a little doughnut from time to time really goes a long way to enjoy a quick bite to eat without breaking the bank! And of course all washed down by a piping hot cup of Starbucks frappe…

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