Soaring like an Eagle on the Langkawi Sky Bridge

As part of the larger Panorama Langkawi Complex, the Langkawi Sky Bridge has been wowing visitors with its tropical views for over a decade – and the other good news is that it’s way too high for the monkeys!



The Langkawi Sky Bridge is a curved pedestrian cable-stayed bridge in Malaysia, completed in 2005. The bridge deck is located 660m above sea level at the peak of Gunung Mat Chinchang on Pulau Langkawi. The Langkawi Sky Bridge can be reached by first taking the Langkawi Cable Car to the top station and then embarking on a temporary 20 minute mountain trek to reach the bridge itself while reconstruction work is taking place in the area. The price is RM35 per adult, which is approximately £5, and this is pretty good value, seeing as there are many amenities for you to enjoy once you have taken the Cable Car up.

I think it’s pretty apt that the name “Langkawi” is derived from two Malay words: first “helang” (which means “eagle”) and second “kawi” (which means “reddish brown in colour”). With structures like the Sky Bridge for tourists and locals alike to enjoy, you really can feel like an eagle as you look down beneath you at the foot of the mountain!



Despite Langkawi being one of the final places in Malaysia that I was yet to visit, this Sky Bridge (and the Cable Car) had always been on my radar, and one of the first things to do when I got here was to ascend my way to the top. I was a little worried, as reconstruction work has long since been undergoing on the bridge itself (I am told since 2012!), and perhaps the bridge would be shut during my week in Langkawi. However, my fears were not realised, and on the day I chose to go up there, I was treated to glorious sunshine, for the most part.


Unlike sister Andaman island, Penang, Langkawi has a much more tropical feel and seems far more at home in the Indian Ocean. The flora and fauna are much more exotic, and even the humidity feels higher in Langkawi! When you are walking across the Sky Bridge, you will understand that the panoramic views are incredible. Whichever way you turn, you can see turquoise waters and dark green jungle. It makes it all the more enchanting that you’re actually in the middle of a mountain range, too!

While you cannot experience the Sky Bridge unless you first take the Cable Car up, I feel that for most people the Cable Car will prove to be slightly unnerving (especially on windy days). However, the Sky Bridge is truly sublime, and I realised that Langkawi has one of the greatest elevated walkways anywhere in the world – even if it’s not quite as scary as the Mount Huangshan Plank Walk in China!

6 thoughts on “Soaring like an Eagle on the Langkawi Sky Bridge

  1. When did you go to Langkawi?

    This is so unfair I have been waiting to walk on the bridge since 2012!


    I visited Langkawi again in March this year and hoping that the bridge would open by then but it wasn’t. So, I just went to the viewing deck.

    One of the places that I really wanna be at but still, no luck 😦


    1. The end of April 2015! There are parts of the bridge still under renovation and you have to use a dirt path to get to it (after the cable car up), but it is open again now to tourists!


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