Bier in Bavaria

Munich is the third largest city in Germany and is the principle city in the state of Bavaria. It is very popular for its bier festivals in the autumn (Oktoberfest) and general bier-drinking all year round. When in the city, you can also enjoy the many museums and theatres for which the city is known.


I stayed in Germany for 3 nights only towards the end of my European backpacking trip (even though I wasn’t actually backpacking per se) and I was in Munich mainly to see the sights in town, go on a beer garden tour, and then make a day trip out to see Neuschwanstein Castle. I got to do all of these things, but one of the things I remember most fondly was my time in the city enjoying beer and pretzels and the occasional bratwurst beside the River Isar.


I am a big fan of German street food, and the pretzel is arguably one of the most famous German-influenced foods that is exported around the globe. The size of the pretzels here in Munich were astounding! In fact, so were the mugs of bier! I am used to pint glasses, but these mugs seemed double the size, if not even larger! Everybody in Bavaria of drinking age is familiar with bier, and it seems everybody enjoys salted snacks, like pretzels, while they are drinking. In the UK, we have pub snacks like pork scratching’s and peanuts, but there were no sign of those here. Plenty of cheeses and pretzels, though – and it seems Germans cannot get enough of them!


There was one occasion on my last afternoon in Munich when I came across a biergarten with a huge Chinese-style pagoda. I don’t remember what this biergarten was called, but it sure added to the atmosphere. It seemed like I was back in Asia again, timelessly enjoying some Tsingtao beside the Huangpu. Here in Munich, though, there were far more tourists sitting in the springtime sun, as they, like me, simply wanted to get some experience of what it’s like to live like a Bavarian!

5 thoughts on “Bier in Bavaria

  1. Uuuu I so miss that Bavarian pretzel ❤ Best combination, with the German beer. Love it! Thanks for bringing back a lot of wonderful memories 🙂


  2. there is only one country where i would enjoy drinking beer. and that’s germany. even their zero-alcohol beer still tasty.


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