Top 5 budget airlines in Asia

With the advent of so many budget airlines now sharing the sky with the full-service carriers flying has never been cheaper! Let’s check the best 5!



5. Probably the most well-known airline on this list, Air Asia pioneered the low-budget flight industry. Their tagline “Now everybody can fly” is very apt, as their promo fares can be as low as 200MYR (£1) for a domestic flight within Malaysia. Nowadays, there are Thai Air Asia and Indonesia Air Asia offshoots, but it all began in Kuala Lumpur. Routes to Far East, the east coast of India, and even once upon a time as far away as to London, all help keep Air Asia at the forefront of flyers’ minds when they are looking for some cheap fares. They also own the Tune Hotels brand!



4. Lion Air didn’t used to have the best reputation until recently, but a fleet modernisation has helped it develop a better image, and is now one of the most important airlines in the whole of Indonesia, and make Garuda keep their own costs down! Lion Air fly mainly domestic routes, but they do also fly to Vietnam and occasionally to Saudi Arabia for Hajj.



3. Peach have always been one of my favourite low-budget airlines. I simply love the livery and the name of the airline! They fly very low fares all over Japan domestically, and also from Osaka to Hong Kong and Seoul, which alleviates some of the other high cost flights available on those routes. You can always be sure of a safe and comfortable flight with Peach.



2. Scoot is owned by Singapore Airlines and has a great brand image. Their aircraft are highly decorated in yellow and white, whereas their cabin crew are dressed in yellow and black. Scoot are one of the new budget airlines that fly medium haul routes (as opposed to just short routes), and this is evident with flights from Singapore to Sydney, Gold Coast, Seoul, Taipei, and Tokyo. It is rumoured that one day soon Scoot will fly to the Middle-East, probably Dubai.



1. My favourite low-cost airline in Asia would have to be Thai Smile. It is the low-cost arm of Thai Airways, as you can see from the identical livery. Thai Smile fly to many regional locations, such as Laos, Cambodia, southern China, and most domestic airports in Thailand. Fares are very competitive and the cabin crew are very well-trained. I always take the opportunity to fly with Thai Smile whenever I can, and their full cabins prove that most people must think the same as me!

Have you flown with a budget airline within Asia? Which was your favourite? Which was your WORST?

4 thoughts on “Top 5 budget airlines in Asia

  1. Air Asia is the best in my opinion. Its like flying with Easy Jet back in the UK. Lion air is the worst airline EVER. Flights are always delayed, can never get to my destination’s. There’s not much different to Air Asia in cost comparison, so better choose the one that satisfied us more! Oh there’s one more you didn’t mention, JetStar


    1. Yeah you are right about Air Asia being like EasyJet. Similar kind of prices too. I know about Jetstar; they are owned by Qantas. I have flown with them a few times, including medium-haul from Osaka-Cairns-Sydney, which was pretty difficult as they wouldn’t sell me any food with cash (only credit cards).


  2. I can’t stand Lion/Wings Air anymore especially after my six hours delay experience from Labuan Bajo..beside of that I remember I could not buy the tickets online when using Dutch credit cards. I took Garuda when flying in Indonesia last year. Oh, have you tried the Citilink? I heard that’s low cost airlines under Garuda management. I haven’t tried it though.
    I have flown with Air Asia and JetStar and they are much better than Lion Air.


  3. I think AirAsia still top the list when it comes to their flight network! I don’t think the other airlines cover as many destinations as AirAsia. It certainly did make travel around SEA so much more convenient 😀


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