A Night at the Cinema (watching my wallet)

Cathay Platinum Movie Suites @ Orchard is the ultimate way to enjoy movies when in Singapore. However, it does not come cheap…


Cathay Cineleisure have cinema complexes all over Singapore but if the regular cinema screens are not your kind of thing, and you fancy treating yourself or your loved one to a more intimate and expensive movie experience, then the Platinum Suites will be exactly the kind of thing you’re looking for. At S$28 per ticket (S$38 at weekends), the price is reasonable, although there can be extra costs accrued which make it more expensive than you first realised. However, as the Platinum Suites are for over 18s only, you can be sure that there will be no screaming babies or rowdy teenagers to ruin your enjoyment, so I considered it an expense worth paying.



Before you go in to watch the film(s), there is an exclusive bar/lounge where you can chillax with a glass of champagne or some light bites. Dress code is smart casual, and members of the general public cannot enter this lounge. I only ordered a Coke, as I knew I was going to be eating during the film! Luckily, in early evening, there were not many people using the lounge, which meant that I knew there would be few people actually in the cinema itself (the less the better!). The lounge had a had a great vibe to it, and I also had complimentary use of an iPad, with free WIFI!



At the Cathay Platinum Suites complex at Orchard, I guesstimate that there must be 30 seats in the entire cinema. This really allows a personal touch from the bar staff and ushers that will be serving you your food and drink throughout the duration of the film. The seats are plush leather and are very soft. You could easily go asleep in these seats if the movie wasn’t so loud (but you can’t have it both ways!). The seats recline slightly, although not like a business class seat on an aircraft, and the footstall rises the push of a button to make sure you can really unwind and relax when watching the movies!


As part of the experience, you get the opportunity to enjoy a full 3 course meal with a drink, that is served to you throughout the movie. I was very simple as I had a gourmet cheese burger with fries, and some matcha cheesecake for dessert (I guess I am easily pleased). I thought it was a bit stingy to only offer one drink from the menu, while any additional beverages cost extra. As you can imagine, these extra purchases (to wash down the food) all add up, and make the whole event perhaps slightly more expensive than you anticipated. Anyhow, it remains a great experience – even if you do have to watch the wallet almost as much as the movie itself!

You can find the Cathay Platinum Movie Suites at the Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, Level 4, 8 Grange Road. Movies begin showing from 10am until well into the early hours of the morning.


2 thoughts on “A Night at the Cinema (watching my wallet)

  1. Hey if you could share the seat that you sat during the movie and was it being blocked by the seats Infront? Or were the front row seats too near to the screen whatsoever? 🙂 thanks


    1. Hi Candice, I don’t remember my seat number, but the positions of the seats were not a problem. You get a great view all around you, and they are not blocked by the row in front at all! 🙂 If you don’t like the front row (closest to the screen) just make sure you book one of the rearward rows instead. Easy-peasy! 😛


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