Top 5 local Asian beers

We all love to eat, but what’s your choice of drink to wash down the grub? Join me as I examine five of the very best Asian beers!


5. At number five on this list, we have Bali Hai, which is a sure favourite among backpackers. It seems everybody has tried Bali Hai on their trips to Indonesia (Bali specifically). A true lager, this is a very cheap and very effective choice if you want to lazily enjoy the Balinese sunsets!


4. Bintang is the national beer of Indonesia, and can be found all over South East Asia. In fact, it is also exported to other parts of the world. What I love about Bintang is its light taste, and it reminds me very much of some European pilsners. Wherever you are in the archipelago, you can be sure of finding some Bintang on the beach!


3. Hailing from Cambodia, Angkor Beer is another amazing beer from the region. Named after the ancient civilisation in Cambodia, and with a diagram of Angkor Wat for its logo, you can imagine that this beer is seen all over Siem Reap, where the temples are found. Other parts of the country have adopted it too, even beach towns like Kep, where the locals enjoy a cool bottle of Angkor with their speciality crabs!


2. Tiger Beer is arguably the most famous of Asian beers, and is found pretty much all over the world nowadays. It is the national beer of Singapore and has a very light feel to it, which suits the locals in the stifling humidity. Tiger Beer is a symbol of Singaporean identity.

A much safer option?
A much safer option?

1. I have surprised even myself by not plumping for Tiger as the number one, but I am sitting here and reminiscing about how amazing Beer Lao really is. It also remains something of a novelty for me, as it is not readily available in the UK supermarkets or off-licences, whereas Tiger is very common everywhere here. Beer Lao is found primarily in the Thailand-Laos-Cambodia-Vietnam area, so you can imagine it is very popular with backpackers to the region!

What is your favourite tipple?


6 thoughts on “Top 5 local Asian beers

  1. Problem is, without exception, those all taste the same as generically watery pilsener- style along the lines of Bud or Miller in the US. Beer Lao Dark or ABC Beer from Singapore gets a little variety, but not too much.


  2. I’ve lived in Malaysia for 18 months and I actually think that Tiger is one of the worst beers from this region! That may be down to the fact that it gives me pretty nasty hangovers. I’d have to agree with the choice of Beerlao as number 1 though. There was also a beer I found in Cambodia called Kingdom which was very impressive. Well worth a try if you can find it!


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