Mega. Money. Mayhem.

The district of Causeway Bay in Hong Kong is consistently ranked as the most expensive retail street in the entire world.


I’ve seen a lot of expensive retail boulevards around these parts: Orchard Road in Singapore, the mega malls of Bangkok, Tokyo’s Ginza, the Gangnam district in Seoul, plus some of the more affluent areas of Shanghai – not to mention the Dubai Mall. However, people say that Causeway Bay in Hong Kong simply trumps them all for the cost of real estate. It is quite surprising then that so many people can enjoy themselves in such an expensive area.



The famous trams of Hong Kong ply their trade down Causeway Bay’s roads. It’s a great experience to hop on and off these trams, especially in the twilight hours as day turns to night. The whole area takes on a new atmosphere after dark, and despite Hong Kong being known as a slightly risky place to be on your own after dark, I found the Causeway Bay area very safe. Initially, I came to Causeway Bay to look for some egg waffles which I had heard about. In the end, I ate different things here (I did get some egg waffles up in North Point, though, so all was not lost!) as I took in the vibe of this very youthful Chinese environment.


The general exterior surroundings and appearance of Causeway Bay are pretty average (unlike Singapore’s Orchard Road, which is space-age in comparison), but upon closer inspection, you can find all the usual luxury brand flagship stores, such as Gucci and Hermes, without the place ever feeling too over-powering.

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