The top 10 attractions in Bangkok

Many people would visit Bangkok at the drop of a hat, but what should you do when you get to the steamy Thai capital? Don’t worry, I have some suggestions!


10. Any shopping mall in Bangkok could satisfy your senses, but the Siam Paragon is undoubtedly the best mall in the city, as far as I am concerned. Make sure you catch the fountain show out front before you go in and start to shop ’til you drop! There is also a BTS station opposite the mall, so it’s really easy to get to from anywhere in Bangkok!

Bangkok’s best public park!

9. The King Rama IX Park is probably the least pretentious public park in Bangkok. There may be larger ones, and more famous ones, but if a quiet walk or jog is your thing, then you cannot go wrong with this park, which is named after a previous Thai royal. If you are very lucky, you may even spot a giant monitor lizard rambling amidst the manicured gardens!

Vimanmek Palace
Vimanmek Palace

8. Vimanmek Mansion is part of the Dusit Palace complex and is known to be biggest teakwood roofed building in the world. There is something so peaceful about the whole Dusit district of Bangkok (apart from the shameful zoo), and the mansion here  – a former royal palace – is arguably the finest building of all.

Wat Arun at sunrise
Wat Arun at sunrise

7. Wat Arun, otherwise known as The Temple of Light, sits grandly on the banks of the Chao Phraya River and is known for having the giant stupa in the middle of the smaller 4 stupas in every direction (designed like the five on a dice). I think this is the best temple of all in Bangkok – and there are plenty!


6. For a city as dirty and polluted as Bangkok, it may sometimes be necessary to get away from downtown and seek out some much-needed oxygen from Mother Nature. Bang Krachao provides you with that opportunity. It is a medium-sized nature reserve on the other side of the river, which is reachable only by boat, and many locals come here for exercise and bike rides, as well as romantic picnics!


5. Unquestionably the best place in Bangkok to see the famous Muay Thai kickboxing is the Rajadamnern Boxing Stadium. This kind of attraction may not float everyone’s boat, but for the young – and young at heart – a trip to Thailand usually includes checking out a boxing match. This stadium is the only one worth spending your money in.


4. Forget the other touristy areas of the city, and get down to Sukhumvit Soi 38. This is the best place in Bangkok for some traditional Thai street food (especially the famous mango sticky rice dessert) and other miscellaneous entertainment at cheap prices – and it’s not half as touristy as Khao San Road.

Inside the Grand Palace complex

3. The Grand Palace is the most popular attraction in Bangkok, based on visitor numbers. A morning or afternoon spent here is indeed a great thing, and the colourful décor even houses the Thai King for over 150 years. Within the sprawling complex you will also find the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, which dates back to the 14th century.


2. Damnoen Saduak is the most famous floating market close to Bangkok (actually a little way outside city limits), and no visit to the city would be complete without taking a ride on the chaotic waters as the locals to flog you everything from fresh fruit to fake clothing – and even albino snakes! The experience is chaotic but it gives you a great sense of what life can be like for thousands of locals who are trying to earn a living.


1. The Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute is a great snake farm and education centre, that not only educates all of its guests about snakes, but provides a useful and vital service in obtaining antivenin from the snakes to send to hospitals to treat snake bites all over the country. It may not be on everybody’s itinerary, but make no mistake, I believe this institute is the top attraction in Bangkok!

Do you agree with my choices? Which is your favourite attraction to visit when in the city of Bangkok?

2 thoughts on “The top 10 attractions in Bangkok

  1. I do agree with you, and I will put Anantha Samakhom Throne Hall as an addition of visiting Vimanmek Mansion, since they lie on the same Dusit Palace complex. The throne hall which now functioned as a museum will amuse our eyes by its collections. Be prepare.


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