Top 5 most disgusting ice cream flavours

So you’ve heard of pineapple shrimp, haggis, kimchi, squid ink, even Viagra flavoured ice cream? Well, if you think they’re weird, check out these disgusting flavours!

I love a bit of ice cream every now and then. I think strawberry mochi is my ultimate flavoured variety, but I am just as happy with boring old vanilla! I used to think I had tried most other flavours around, but you would be very surprised to learn that just about any flavour exists in some far corner of the world, and you really need to see some of these to believe them – but hopefully not taste them! I have listed below 5 of the most disgusting flavours I’ve encountered:


5. Chicken Wing (Japan) – this is quite common around Tokyo, and I can imagine this must taste awful when cold. When you think of a nice ice cream flavour, chicken would not be on your top 100. Way too sweet for my liking.


4. Cheese (Philippines) – just the thought of eating this flavour makes me wretch! I guess the cheese is still dairy, which makes it a good fit for the ice cream, but no. Just no.


3. Snake (Japan) – now who even dreamt up this flavour? I guess it’s exotic, but I wonder what exactly does it taste like? And does anybody know which kind of snakes are used?


2. Akutaq (Alaska, USA) – a firm favourite with the eskimos, this style of ice cream is made from animal fat, fish, berries, and sugar – and just for the record, some of the meats mixed into akutaq can be: moose, seal, or reindeer! Now what would Santa think?!

Photo: Japan Centre

1. Raw Horseflesh (Japan) – oh dear, oh dear, just typical of the Japanese (who experiment with all their food, it seems) to come up with something as disgusting as this.

So what do you think? Would you DARE to try any of the 5 flavours mentioned in this list? And how on earth did anybody think of raw horseflesh ice cream? That should be illegal! Whatever next?!

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