A $10,000 Note

One thing you can be sure of when you visit Singapore’s various hawkers and shopping malls is that you won’t be given a S$10,000 note in your change!


In UK money, S$10,000 is equal to £5,000. How is it even possible to carry around a banknote in your wallet that has a value of £5,000?! What if you got mugged?! In American Dollars, this amazing Singaporean banknote is worth around $7,500!


The 10,000 banknote is legal tender in Singapore, although I have heard that due to counterfeit problems (who would have guessed?!), the Singapore National Bank is not producing them anymore. In a way, this is a shame, as I cannot think of a single banknote anywhere else in the world that is worth more than this one. However, they will also now become something of a collectors’ item, and one day they may be worth more than their real monetary value to due notoriety or something.

Think of how many Durian McFlurry's you could buy!
Think of how many Durian McFlurry’s you could buy!

Needless to say, I have NEVER had one of these S$10,000 notes in my wallet (plenty of S$10 notes though), and it begs the question, what would you do if you found one of these on the street or on the MRT? It would be VERY tempting to keep it, but I think I may hand it in to the nearest police station.


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