Top 5 places to celebrate New Year’s Eve!

Everybody remembers what they did on New Year’s Eve. It’s a great time for celebration – but the festivities of some countries are better than others!


5. I have always been fascinated by Taipei 101, in fact it is my very favourite skyscraper in the world. So for New Year’s Eve in Taipei, I am impressed that they utilise the skyscraper itself with a crazy and inventive fireworks display as soon as the clock ticks to midnight. You can listen to the ooohs and aaahhhs from the predominantly Taiwanese audience down below, to confirm that this is a spectacle not to be missed!


4. Although lacking any particular show or event that is bigger than the others, New Year’s Eve remains a crazy time in Rio de Janeiro. In fact, Rio is a crazy city at any time of the year! So it comes as no surprise to learn that Brazilian revellers make the most of the carnival atmosphere during their December 31 celebrations.


3. Some people would easily place Dubai at number one on this kind of list, as the Emiratis certainly know how to organise a fireworks display! You can be sure of a lot of banging and bright lights around Jumeirah Beach and the Palm, but it is on the tallest skyscraper in the world, Burj Khalifa, where you will catch the best Emirati celebrations!


2. Every year on the evening of December 31 in Singapore, party-goers gather down at Marina Bay to watch the epic national fireworks show that sees in the new year. I have been lucky enough to witness this personally, and it is surely a once in a lifetime opportunity. Singapore may be a small country, but you will hear some big bangs on New Year’s Eve!


1. Unquestionably the most epic of all the New Year’s Eve celebrations is the one you will no doubt hear about going down in Sydney. The location is epic as well, as the fireworks explode on the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge, all with the illuminated Sydney Opera House in the foreground. There are two types of New Year’s Eve reveller in this world: the ones who celebrate in Sydney, and the ones who celebrate in other countries. And it’s the middle of summer here, too, which means you’ve probably been eating barbeques and drinking Foster’s Beer all day long before the festivities begin shortly before midnight!

Wherever you are in the world, I wish you a happy and safe year for 2016!

11 thoughts on “Top 5 places to celebrate New Year’s Eve!

  1. We’ll be in London, though not out on the streets but at a party. I’ve only ever spent one NYE abroad and that was on a train between Bangkok and Chumphon – so not greatly memorable.
    London anyways seems to be considered as a good city to see in the New Year, what with the fireworks, but it’s never greatly appealed to me.
    Thanks for some great blogs during the year. I’ve enjoyed every one of them and I am in awe of your prolific output.
    Happy travelling in 2015!

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    1. HAHA, no I was thinking that the trains in Bangkok certainly aren’t memorable for NYE! 😀 London is ok for the fireworks, but I think this year it isn’t free, plus its way too cold anyway. Just a quiet one for me this year! Happy 2015! 🙂

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  2. I am in the extreme cold country hahahaha … Calgary is very considerate city … they do make an indoor and early New Year celebration . Of course there are also outdoor celebration, but you have to bundle up, as the weather is quite cold.


    I have been to Japan during New Year Celebration. Mostly they also go to the temple to pray during the New Year … it is quite interesting …


  3. My only correction to your article is that no one (okay, hardly anyone) in Australia drinks Fosters Lager. Though the company owns many brands, it’s virtually unheard of for an Australian to order a Fosters. Seriously. Interestingly enough, the consumption of wine in Australia is edging closer to taking over from beer as the most popular drink.

    According to the ABS,

    However, beer still comprised the greatest proportion of all pure alcohol consumed in Australia at 41%, followed by wine (37%), spirits (13%), and ready-to-drink beverages (7%). Cider is estimated to account for a small but growing proportion, at 2%.

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