Hunting for Singapore’s Finest Mother Clucker

It’s time to wing the bells and bang the drumsticks! Who can offer us the tastiest chicken in Singapore?! Just who is the ultimate Mother Clucker?!

In Singapore, chicken can be twice cooked, slow cooked, smashed, deep fried, Korean-styled, barbequed, coated with peri peri sauces – and even eaten along with the bones! A lot of us may prefer burgers or ice cream for a bit of fast food indulgence, but the increasing choice of chicken around Singapore has certainly taken the attention and imagination of the locals. So, let’s take a look at 10 of the finest mother cluckers on the island:


10. Ayam Penyet Ria is a fast food franchise that specialises in Indonesian-style smashed fried chicken, which here is smashed with a mortar to make it softer and is served with sambal and slices of cucumber. It really is a nice fast food brand and they serve delectable Indonesian cuisine. Certainly deserving of being on this list. (website has music).

Jollibee's Chickenjoy Meal
Jollibee’s Chickenjoy Meal

9. Jollibee is a Filipino import to Singapore, but has established itself a family favourite. Its Filipino-style grilled chicken (with local fragrances) tastes as good as it looks, and leaves customers coming back for more and more.


8. Arnold’s Fried Chicken is one of the original fast food joints in Singapore, and many Singaporeans claim that the fried chicken sold here is tastier than KFC! That’s quite some praise, but it shows that Singaporeans are very local towards their own start-up and local brands. Arnold’s sells whole roast chickens, which just tantalizes the mouth even looking at them!


7. Two Wings is a fairly new chicken outlet to open up in Singapore, but it has garnered rave reviews from the foodie community since opening its chicken coup (doors). Their wings are succulent and crispy and for such a small outlet to have such a lofty reputation is very impressive indeed.


6. BonChon Chicken is a South Korean fast food chain that now has outlets around the world. Here, you order a choice of wings, drumsticks, or a combo, and then choose your size, according to price. Then add the sauce of your choice. The twice-fried chicken is proving very popular in Singapore and it’s no wonder seeing as it’s so tasty!

Ganjang Wings from Chicken Up
Ganjang Wings from Chicken Up

5. Chicken Up specialises in Korean-style chicken, but unlike many other entries on this list, it actually has some variation in its dishes, such as stews complete with drumsticks! A true feast to the senses!


4. Poulet is a French-inspired rotisserie that serves up wholesome chicken dishes on its menu, all with a touch of France on the plate! There’s no quick-grilling here, as the chicken is roasted to perfection to leave your mouth watering long before you’ve even been shown your seat!

Nest Snow from Chir Chir

3. Chir Chir is a popular Korean restaurant chain specialising in deep fried Korean style chicken and other freshly cooked chicken dishes such as Spicy BBQ Roasted Chicken, Garlic Roasted Chicken and Crispy Fried Tenders.


2. Wingstop is actually one of only two American franchises on this list, and is the home to good old fashioned American Buffalo Wings, just as you would find in the southern states of America. Without a doubt, this is the finest chicken in Singapore that is not Korean. The deep-fried and ‘unbreaded’ wings are actually called ‘wingettes’ here as they are smaller in size, but the taste remains so heavenly! In addition, there are 11 flavours of sauce with which to coat your chicken!

4 Fingers Crispy Chicken is the best fast food brand in Singapore!
4 Fingers Crispy Chicken is the best fast food brand in Singapore!

1. 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken has clearly got amazing branding (including a super cool website that will leave you exploring for ages), but when you put your money where your mouth is you’ll discover they also have the tastiest mother cluckers on the whole island! The Korean-inspired chicken sold at 4 Fingers comes in 3 flavours: soy garlic, spicy, or mixed.

Feeling clucky? Let me know of your favourite chicken in Singapore!

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