Patriotism at Rizal Park

Located along Roxas Boulevard, and adjacent to the old walled city of the Intramuros, stands the famously green Rizal Park. Since the Spanish Colonial Era, Rizal Park has been a favourite leisure spot, and is frequented on Sundays and national holidays. It is one of the major tourist attractions of the City of Manila.



A trip to Rizal Park was always on my itinerary, as it is very close to other famous landmarks such as Intramuros and fairly close to Manila Bay. I rattled off all these and more in less than a day, but I remember fondly my trip to Rizal Park. I enjoyed the history of the place, where a national hero known as Jose Rizal was executed. The big tomb seen in the centre of this urban park is dedicated to him, and I have heard from a few sources that his remains are buried underneath, although I do not know if this is true (seems unlikely, to be honest).



What I liked about Rizal Park (apart from the history of the place) was that it provided a great respite from the urban chaos of Metro Manila. I always like to seek out green parks and gardens in the middle of busy cities, as it gives me a chance to ponder my thoughts – and partake in some choice photography!


It was a very overcast afternoon during my visit, and it was much less busy than I had initially feared. Usually, I am told, Rizal Park is choc full of locals going about their daily business (well, daily exercise), but I was quite glad to take in the beauty of the park without too many people crowding me out. It was one of the few moments of my trip to Manila when I had this chance to think.

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