Party Time in Ao Nang

My favourite area in Krabi would have to be Ao Nang. It is hip and lively, and has plenty of food and drink available, making it the go-to place for all backpackers!

The beach is just around the corner
The beach is just around the corner

As if you didn’t know, Ao Nang beach is one of the top seaside spots in Krabi. I didn’t do any sunbathing here though, as I was here to have a look around town and check out the bars and cafés with some friends. It was quite the place to drink some awesome Nam Phan while tucking in to some Khaep Mu!




Ao Nang is so touristy. I enjoyed my trip to Railay Beach 2 days earlier, where I was met with almost total seclusion. Here I was not so lucky – nor did I expect to be lucky! The area is known as something of a backpacker hotbed, with cheap hostels and bars popping up all over the place. There were even plenty of yoga and massage parlours around, which are clearly aimed at the foreign money! Although I didn’t get scammed personally, it is precisely these kind of areas where the scams occur (with tourists taken as victims), much like Khao San Road and Silom in Bangkok, or pretty much anywhere in Bali.




I do love my street food, and here at Ao Nang there were many vendors beside the roads selling all kinds of savoury items, as well as hot food. The difference between the street food here in Krabi and the food you get roadside in Bangkok is that it looks much healthier (and cleaner), and it seems from a visual perspective you are less chance of ending up with a dodgy tummy! I had some grilled fish skewers, which I chose over some fish balls on skewers, as the balls did not look cooked properly. The skewers were delicious, and I even went back again the coming days to same street vendor, who by the end of my venture in Ao Nang knew my face pretty well!



For obvious reasons, I didn’t have my camera on me when the partying began. Hopefully, though, you can see that the Ao Nang area has far more going for it than just its beautiful beach – even if hangover cures are more effective when sunbathing anyway!

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