Beautiful, Brilliant, Boracay

Such was my eagerness to finally experience all that Boracay had to offer, I actually flew from Singapore to Kalibo directly on Silkair, rather than flying the traditional route via Manila.


It feels so good to finally get my bare feet on the scorching hot sand of Boracay, and White Beach in particular! After a turbulent flight from Singapore, and an arduous bus ride from Kalibo to Caticlan Jetty, I enjoyed a nice boat ride over to Boracay island, where my hostel was waiting for me in a van. I didn’t even need to use a tuktuk (or whatever they’re called here)! I immediately saw that Boracay is becoming a very commercialised island, even with a McDonald’s now. Times change from the 1980s when there was not even any power here (and certainly not Internet or ATMs).



I don’t plan to do much at all now that I’ve finally made it to Boracay, apart from take a well-deserved rest on the sandy beaches, although one thing I must do is jump from Ariel’s Point down into the sea below! That looks like so much fun, and I am told there are no crocodiles or sharks in the waters around here, so that’s a bonus! Everything I have been told about how white the sand is in Boracay, and how clear blue the water is here, is completely true. Nobody was lying about the beauty of this place! I can almost imagine myself retiring 40 years early to come and live likes the locals around White Beach. For a good idea of the time and cost of a itinerary in 2014 on Boracay, you should read this blog from Journey with Roan, and I plan to take some of her advice!

Souvenirs shops near the beaches (nothing too expensive)
Souvenirs shops near the beaches (nothing too expensive)

My hostel is on Bulabog Beach and this beach is protected by a coral reef, so most of the bad weather and rough waves that it brings will not hit the beach. However, the winds around here allow for a lot of watersports like windsurfing, which is amazing to watch, although I am not sure if I want to try it myself yet. For the time being, I am going to focus on the world famous White Beach. Check out this blog from Zerah Lakwatsera for a little advice on these watersports activities.




So far, I have not been plagued by the overly-touristy reputation that Boracay often gets. It is still technically the “low season” here, as I am told it doesn’t get busier until the run up to Christmas, and this madness continues right through until after Easter. I am here for a week, so thankfully I may be able to miss the worst of the high season before jetting off to Manila, and as you can see these beaches are looking just perfect for my liking! Time for some sunbathing (after some sugar cane juice across the road)!

Pizza Delivery in Boracay
Pizza Delivery in Boracay
Kwek-Kwek on the beach!
Kwek-Kwek on the beach!
Taho is my favourite Filipino drink
Taho is my favourite Filipino drink

Actually though, I have already been offered the opportunity to join a tour group that is going down to the Bat Cave by a peddler on the streets here, and it sounds intriguing so I may have to check it out, although my research has told me that snakes live in that cave as well as bats, so I may just have to stay on the beach instead! One of the best guides to Boracay that I have come across this year is this one from Wake Time Stories, and it also includes some amazing photos!


I would love to upload a video of the island that I have seen today, but the internet connection here on Boracay is appalling (I guess not many come here to blog), so I guess pictures and words will have to do for the time being. It’s early morning here now, and I have already experienced some of that infamous Boracay nightlife, but more of that story later…


13 thoughts on “Beautiful, Brilliant, Boracay

    1. Boracay has been incredible! Just as good as the other bloggers have said! I am only there in low season, but it’s just about right for me! Lovely weather, and the beaches are incredible! 😀


    1. I haven’t been to Palawan yet. Not on this trip 😦 Maybe one day I can get there, because I am told they have amazing beaches too! Are you also visiting Bohol during your time in the Philippines?


    1. It seems everybody has a fond opinion of the island…and everybody wants to go back! Luckily it’s not too expensive here for hostels, so money is less of an issue than at other countries…less time to save up! 😉


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