A night at the Dubai Marina!

Yacht the Fuck! My night spent at the Dubai Marina recently was yet another reminder that I MUST start saving up for that lavish lifestyle I always wanted…



As a backpacker, I was always slightly amused by my trips to Dubai. It seems that most of the time I cannot afford to live the life of luxury that the typical holidaymakers here can, and certainly compared to the multi-billionaires that live here, I am practically a pauper! I can always remember seeing a photo from Dubai of a rich resident getting in his car with a pet cheetah! WTF?! Now that’s what I call swag (you can Google the pic easily)! I always have that photo in mind when I am walking around Dubai, especially here in the Marina, as it seems everyone just wants to trump their rivals: who has the office on the highest floor?; who has the most expensive yacht?; who has the most dangerous cat?…



So how does the Dubai Marina compare to other marinas around the world? Well, I have seen Yas Marina over in Abu Dhabi and as spectacular as that was, I must say that it doesn’t hold a candle to the Dubai Marina. One location where perhaps there is an equal to the Dubai Marina is at Marina Bay in Singapore, which may not have any luxury yachts moored nearby, but it does have a mesmeric CBD that is illuminated at night, just like here in Dubai, and it also has some amazing places to eat and drink so that you can really enjoy the ambiance of being beside the water’s edge (it’s also cheaper than the Dubai Marina!).


As the night got darker and the warm became, well…less warm I began to forget that I was a pauper among princes and just get on with admiring the splendid yachts on show around the Marina, and all the while the backdrop became more and more illuminated by the tall office blocks and residential buildings. I wonder what kind of parties they were having up there as I walked around looking for some cheap shawarma?


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