My stay at the Conrad Bali

If you have a little bit of spare cash to spend when you are travelling in Bali, then you would be hard pressed to find a better way to spend it than for a few nights being pampered at the Conrad Bali Hotel on the Nusa Dua peninsula of the island.

I didn’t take any photos of the room, which is a shame. I do however have the video tour above of a Lagoon Room that I filmed.

A view from the patio of my lagoon room
A view from the patio of my lagoon room



When I was checking in at lunchtime, my British bank card did not work at the reception, which was a very embarrassing experience. However, there is an ATM machine that is well-guarded at the bottom of the resort, so I went to draw the money out and was able to pay the hotel in cash. I think luxury hotels in Bali may not accept all kinds of bank cards, so you should probably check with them via email before you arrive to avoid a scenario like mine.

Lovely grounds within the hotel
Lovely grounds within the hotel
Fountains everywhere
Fountains everywhere


I have always had more than just a little passing interest in hotels, even though most of the time I cannot afford them, and of course stay in hostels instead. However, when I was in Bali on this latest occasion I decided to treat myself to 2 nights at the Conrad, which is a hotel I have always been impressed with having seen reviews and photos online. I booked myself a Lagoon View Room on the ground floor, which not only had direct access to the Lagoon Pool, but also had a lovely little shaded patio area where I could unwind and enjoy a Jack Daniels and Coke or six.


Conrad Bali's famous wedding chapel!
Conrad Bali’s famous wedding chapel!
Bales on the beach
Bales on the beach

One of the reasons I like the Conrad Bali Hotel so much is the design of the grounds and the general architecture of the buildings. It really looks typically Balinese but at the same time evoking a contemporary nature to attract upmarket travellers. There were many fancy restaurants and bars on the property, although I only experienced the lounge bar and the pool bar myself. I thought the drinks and snacks were a little on the expensive side, though what I did expect being at a luxury hotel in Bali? However, free WIFI was on offer in the lounge area, so I always took my laptop with me and did some work as I listened to the waves crashing against the sand in the distance. At night, this was a little disconcerting, as the open-air layout of the lobby and reception area meant that bats were flying around inside the building, and I was quite worried I would get bitten – or worse, pooped on! The friendly staff assured me this was just all in a day’s work in Bali.

The Conrad's beautiful, winding gardens down the main pool and beachfront
The Conrad’s beautiful, winding gardens down the main pool and beachfront



Unquestionably, the finest part of the Conrad Bali was the main pool, which at night is illuminated by flames emanating from the tall columns beside it. It’s a great place for families this, and you will be hard pressed to find spare sunloungers and towels during the busier periods of the day when the sun is at its strongest. The lagoon pool snakes its way around the resort and even extends as far as the ground floor rooms around the perimeter of the resort, and I took advantage of this by swimming all the way back to my own room after I had downed a Bloody Mary.


Thanks for reading! Please check out my list of the top hotels in Bali, where of course the Conrad is featured prominently!


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