Top 5 Siem Reap experiences (without temples)

OK, most people come to Siem Reap to see the magnificent Khmer temples, but if you were a bit “templed out” during your time there, what are the best alternatives that you can enjoy?

“Uniquely Cambodian, Daringly Modern!”

5. Phare, the Cambodian Circus. Some of the most talented performers in Asia are part of Phare and a great evening can be had watching their tricks! This is not one of the circuses that abuse animals, so you can rest assured that you will enjoy your time here. It really is something very different to whatever else you’ll find in Siem Reap. Check out their official site.

Kampong Phluk
Kampong Phluk

4. Kampong Phluk. Even though the town of Siem Reap seems to be littered with tourists and backpackers everywhere, it is often hard to forget that local villages exist too, and none more interesting and spectacular than Kampong Phluk. The makeshift houses on stilts above the water really provide an interesting reflection on the local community as you sail past on your tour boat.

Pub Street is the backpacking mecca of Siem Reap!
Pub Street is the backpacking mecca of Siem Reap!

3. Pub Street. You can’t really come to Siem Reap and not be part of the carnival atmosphere at Pub Street – scams and all! There is some fantastic street food available here, as well as good bars and restaurants serving Khmer BBQ, which is a must-try when in Cambodia! Although you may see a few scams along the way, everybody seems to enjoy their days (and nights) spent relaxing in the steamy weather!

A humbling experience
A humbling experience

2. Cambodian Landmine Museum. For a true experience of Cambodia’s troubled history, a trip to the Cambodian Landmine Museum should be included on everyone’s itinerary. It is one of the most harrowing – yet important – museums in South East Asia.


1. SkyVenture is the number one tour operator for you to swoop through the skies like a bird, with a great view over the life on the Tonle Sap or circle the Temples of Angkor below. Flights can be booked in the mornings, or from late-afternoon until sunset, which is a fantastic way to end the day before heading back to your hostel for some much-needed water (or Angkor Beer!). This Microlight aircraft fly up to around 1500ft and at a speed of around 100kph and are known to be very quiet as to not disturb people living on the ground! Check out the official SkyVenture site.

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